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(My name is Carlos Santos.  This blog is written by me, a non-native English speaker)

My name is Carlos Santos.  I am a computer teacher and an RC Car hobbyist. I have been searching for my best RC crawler (offroad car) for 30 years.  I consider RC crawlers/rock racers as powerful off-road cars.  I like playing RC cars from Tamiya, SCX10 and some Chinese manufacturers such as WPL, HSP and Wltoys.   I always hope I can share my experience with anyone who likes this hobby.

I have two college degrees, one in Business and the other is in information/programming.  I love building things and solving problems.  I enjoy English writing too.

While I am building my blog, I have learned a lot about RC cars.  I found out how to set up an RC car so that it can run straight.  I believe that the ability to run straight is important for an RC car as it promotes controllability and stability.  Here is a post on how to make an RC car run straight.

Why I started this blog?  I plan to get early retirement due to my health, so I started this blog with the hope that I can earn some money to support myself.  I know it is not easy, but I am trying my best.  Wheen, there is a will, there is a hope.

In this blog, I will discuss everything related to off-road cars such as RC rock crawlers, rally cars, and buggies.  As I have played with many RC cars, I found that there is no such thing as the best RC off-road car on earth.  Each has its pros and cons, so we can only find one that suits our present taste, or fits our current objective.


My Blogging Experience



Currently, I am enjoying my hobby in this car.  I like its vintage style.

I just purchased this one.   Here is a review for the Wltoys 144001 in my blog.

I have just got my first classic mini cooper; I have made this as a rally.  (Tamiya m-03)




By Carlos Santos, your webmaster