Wltoys V911s

Wltoys V911s 4ch – An Excellent Entry Point

Why Wltoys V911s is the excellent entry point for Rc helicopter flying.

There are 9 points why Wltoys V911s is a great entry point for flying RC helicopters.

  • Wltoys V911s has a low price point – around $70 on eBay, and $45 on Aliexpress (the shipment takes about a month).
  • Wltoys V911s is very durable – I will make a video to show you this later.  I had a couple of crashes with this RC helicopter, and nothing broke yet.
  • There is a lot of spare parts available on the market, so it is not really a toy but a model.  Availability of the spare parts means once you break the helicopter, you can fix it – here is the link to find the spare parts.
  • You can use any 3.7V LIPO on the market.  When you can use those LIOPs for other RC planes.
  • Once you learn how to control the Wltoys V911s, you can control any 4 channel RC helicopter such as Wltoys V912 and V913.  It is not as easy to control as the Firefox C129, in fact, it should be the next RC helicopter after you get bored with the C129 that is good for getting used to flying orientation.  V911s requires you to put some effort into this learning process so you will not get bored with it.
  • Wltoys V911s ‘ construction is very simple, so you will not find any trouble fixing this RC helicopter.  I am over 56 and have bad eyesight, and I can do it, so do you.
  • Wltoys V911s has 4 channels, so it can perform most of the actions a regular helicopter performs; it can fly forward, backward, up, down, turn left and right, and sideways.
  • Wltoys V911s can fly in an open space that has some wind – around 15 KPH.  It is great for small park flying.
  • This morning, I flew my Wltoys V911s and did not pay enough attention.  I was hit by the rotor group and did not feel hurt.  I can conclude that it is safe for anyone who is 14 years old or plus.
Wltoys V911s construction 1

Wltoys V911s construction 1

Wltoys V911s Construction 2

Wltoys V911s Construction 2


The Weakness of V911s

The only weakness of the Wltoys V911s is its very thin canopy, and I found that you can use the canopy made for Firefox C129 that is much more durable than the one of V911s.

Note for flying this micro RC helicopter – Wltoys V911s:

When you first fly the Wltoys V911s, throttle control is important, you have to move the left stick slowly and precisely (mode 2).  If you move the stick up too much, your RC helicopter will fly to the sky immediately and you will lose control of it.  Once it is high in the sky, you will become nervous, but you should not move the stick down too fast; otherwise, it will drop to the group immediately.  The keyword is patience.  You have to do it carefully and be watchful.   Remember, practices make perfect.  Hope you have a wonderful flying experience with the Wltoys V911s.

A video showing how Wltoys V911s performs

After reading this post, will you consider buying this RC helicopter?  Lease a message and tell me your opinion about this product.  Happy flying!

Thanks for your interest.
Carlos Santos






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