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Why Is RC Dirt Biking So Much Fun? – Skyrc SR5 Running Tips

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Why should we try RC dirt biking?

Recently I wanted to get something interesting for RC bashing as there is no race track near home. However, I do not like buying any more 4-wheel car as I am bored with them. I tried slow crawlers, rock racers, buggies, on-road cars.  Without a race track, nothing was interesting enough to catch my attention before I laid my eyes on an RC dirt bike.  To me, an RC dirt bike is not a toy, but a real model, something simulates a motorcycle that you really need to learn to drive.  You need to learn how to balance it.  I wrote this post to inform my readers why an RC dirt bike that can bring a lot of excitement to your hobby is something you should get.

Why did I choose 1/4 SkyRC SR 5?

RC dirt bikes have been available for more than 30 years. The first one is made by Kyosho. Here is the picture of this first RC dirt bike. It has a problem of balancing itself while running, but it is good for display.

However, as I know there are less than four RC dirt bikes available in the market. They are SkyRC SR5, ARX540 (You will find many clones for this bike), and Anderson M5. If you know there are more, please leave a message after the post. While most of the RC dirt bikes available in the market are ready to run, you still can learn a lot about their construction by modifying them.

First, there are many online stores are carrying SkyRC SR5 and its option parts, so it is easy to acquire one of these wonderful bikes. I got mine from Taobao.com. They are also available on Amazon, eBay, Banggood, and Aliexpess. I picked up this for its price (1800 RMB), durability, and upgradeability

The main chassis of SkyRC SR 5 is made of aluminum so it is strong enough to withstand the abuse during bashing. It also has a one-piece front fork that is an important improvement over the one of SkyRC SR 4. The SR5  also has the ability to get up and run again after it falls down.  I had the SR4.  When I played with the SR4, I needed to pick it up every time it lost its balance.  Also, with its two-piece front fork, it can disassemble itself during violent bashing. It is so horrible!!!

During a harsh bashing with SkyRC SR5, if you break any of its parts, you can get its replacements easily as they are so accessible online. You can get them on Aliexpress.


Practice is enjoyable

You really need to practice how to drive the SkyRC SR5 properly as you need to learn how to balance it while it is running. It is especially true as its center of gravity is high.  If you do not drive it properly, the bike will fall.  On the other hand, once you become skillful with this bike, You will have an illusion that you are actually riding on the bike.  The more practice you have with this bike, the more fun, and the excitement you have.  You might reach the point that you do not want to stop driving the bike.

This bike has an egyro on its rear-wheel.- it is a constantly spinning rear wheel that can make an RC bike stay balance. The stock egyro will start and stay running once you turn on the bike so some people rewire the system to make a separate switch for the egyro.  One thing worth noting is that a running egyro is very noisy.

One thing worth noting is that the best terrain for this type of RC car is grassland; it is less damaging to the bike.

SkyRC SR5 is one of the more stable RC dirt bikes in the market; it is easier to control with its high-tech adjustable stabilization system.

Also, just remember to tighten the screws and clean the bike after time you have fun with it.

Way to control the egyro

At the end of the chassis, you will find the control board of the egyro.  As it is an important area of my bike, I am using leather to protect it.

You can adjust the power of your egyro by adjusting the white buttons shown in the image. The button that is nearest the rider is the one that puts the egyro in full power. While the egyro runs faster, the bike will not be able to respond as fast as the one controlled by a slower egyro.  However, you need the egyro runs faster if you want your bike to run steadily during slow speed.  I am using the slowest egyro for increased responsiveness. One more thing, if you want to run your bike on slippery ground, be sure to set your egyro to full power; otherwise, it will fall easily.

Faster egyro Slower egyro
Responsiveness Low High
Low speed steadily Might fall
High speed steadily Steadily

As I cannot do the filming myself while driving the bike, I use a YouTube video to show the bike’s superb actions.

Attractive for display

When you are not bashing with it, this bike is great for display it has a very unique style. If you put it with one or two action figures, it looks even more interesting. You will appreciate its beauty.

Which doll to use on my RC dirt bike

For a slow-run, you can use the BJD doll for its realism. However, for a high-speed run, I will not use a BJD doll as the bike can perform some violent actions; its front wheel can leave the ground and even the whole bike rolls over. These actions can damage your doll very badly. The BJD doll is more expensive than a soft-body Woody. The soft body Woody does not break as easily as the BJD doll so I use it for off-road bashing.

Way to secure a doll on your RC dirt bike

I use plastic tie wraps to secure Woody on my bike. First I connect the lower body part of the doll to the top of the receiver box and then connect the hands to the steering bar. Here are the pictures of my RC dirt bike.

Put both hands on the steering bar


Tie the front part of the doll to the chassis

Tie the back part of the doll to the chassis

By securing the doll in this way, I can make the doll sit straight and his eyes look forwards; the doll will sit naturally as the bike is running.

I also modified the sidebars so that they will not get damaged easily after contacting the ground.



Possible for Racing

I do not live near an RC race track, so here I enclose a YouTube video to let you appreciate the power of this RC car.

At this point, if you have anything to say about this RC dirt bike or any RC dirt bike in general, please leave your message here or joint my forum to give your input.  Thanks.


Carlos Santos, your webmaster.


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