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What Should I Upgrade My RC Cars With?

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Should I Upgrade My Best RC Crawler with Aluminum Parts?

The Simple Answer For Your Best RC Crawler

The answer depends on who you are and what do you want your RC car to do. However, one thing we need to keep in mind is that aluminum parts are usually stronger than plastic parts.  I will discuss the reasons for the improved performance they can bring to your best RC crawler.

Why Do You Want Premium RC Parts?

Usually, RC parts made of aluminum, graphite and carbon fiber are more expensive than the ones made of plastic materials. The reason for the higher prices is valid.   These premium parts can increase the value of an RC car in general. With these parts, its performance can go up and total weight can go down (Aluminum is heavier than plastics). These parts can also make your best RC crawler more durable and can give a more scaled look of it.

Aluminum Parts are stronger

Aluminum parts are always stronger than plastic parts so they are more expensive than the ones made of plastic. Both can be combined with other compounds to form stronger materials. However, aluminum is still the stronger among the two. In the RC industry, we usually use two types of aluminum for making premium option parts. They are 6061 and 7075. They are also important elements for making our modern full-size vehicles, ships and airplanes. One thing we should remember is that Aluminum 7075 is more expensive than aluminum 6061 as 7075 is strongest available in the market.

However,  you should never use full metal parts for your car as plastic parts give flexibility and metal parts improve durability.

Which Parts In Your Best RC Crawler Should You Use Aluminum?

Using aluminum alloy can always increase your best RC crawler strength. That is important as we drift, bash and crawl with our RC car. Our RC cars will wear out eventually. Even the most skillful drivers will once in a while hit his RC car against the walls or some solid objects. Aluminum parts can extend the RC car’s durability by at least 4 times more than plastic. You should consider replacing the plastic bulkhead, the chassis brace, the servo mounts with something made of aluminum. These parts receive stress the most. Having these aluminum parts, everything will stay in place even you have a serious crash.

However, to be cost-effective, some people believe that amount of aluminum parts should be kept at a minimum level.  I saw that in a Facebook RC car group, one member left a note saying that “the only aluminum required is on the prop shaft and connecting cups & then steering (if you want to improve it slightly) but everything else is bling TBH!!! “.  I think there is some validity in this statement.  All of these can improve a car’s power and steering system.

To Achieve Repeatability of Performance

As a professional driver, you will want your best RC crawler always in its peak performance. An unnoticed damaged plastic part in the wheels can negatively affect your car’s chance for winning in a race. Thus, upgrading your RC car with aluminum parts is inevitable. You have to use your experience to judge how many aluminum parts to use in your car as plastic parts have higher elasticity and less expensive than its aluminum counterparts.

Aluminum Parts Give More Precise Turnings

When you have shocks made of aluminum, your car will run on the road more efficiently due to its harder springs. Also, the aluminum shock towers with different tuning holes can allow for a better angle when turning. This feature usually comes only with aluminum shocks.


As an RC hobbyist, we always want our best RC crawler at its peak performance, so that we can enjoy this excitement as much as possible. For this reason, if we have the budget, we should consider upgrading our car with aluminum parts; the aluminum parts offer many advantages over its plastic counterparts.

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