What Do You Need to Upgrade to a Brushless Motor?

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Basic knowledge of a brushless system

  • Usually, a motor with a lower turn count has higher KV. The higher the KV, the lower torque/acceleration that a motor will produce. Lower KV means more torque/acceleration, but lower top speed.
  • Higher KV motors are for racers and lower KV (< 3000KV) motors are for RC crawlers.  For off-road bashing, one reader suggested that you might want to consider getting an 1850 and 2900KV motor if you want more torque, not care much about screaming top speech.
  • If you plan to use a 2S LIPO, an ESC of 60A is an option. With a 3S LIPO, you should pick up an ESC of 120A. Hobbywing Quckrun is a good option.
  • HTRC charger for LIPO batteries (H4AC DUO); it is recommended by many users.

What do you need to upgrade My Brushed RC car to Brushless?


Items You Will Need

After you run your RC car for a while, if it comes with a brushed system, you might want to upgrade its performance so it can outperform your friends’ on the tracks. To do so, you need to buy several items.

To upgrade from a brushed system to a brushless system, you need more than just a motor, thus, next time when you buy a new RC car, you should just buy the brushless version. By doing this, you can save a lot of money.


  • A brushless motor (that is obvious)
  • An Electronic Speed Controller (one can handle the brushless motor and the LIPO batteries)
  • A LIPO battery (2S; 7.4v or 3S; 11.1v)
  • A charger for LIPO Batteries (IMX B6 is the one I like, but many people recommend HTRC)
  • A set of metal gears (optional)
  • Some aluminum parts that can stand the abuse given by a brushless system
  • Some protective tape to reinforce the original car body shell as necessary

Details You Have to Remember

First, you have to make sure that the new brushless motor is of the right size, so you can replace your original brushed motor (540) with this new motor.  Moreover, the diameter of the shaft is another thing you need to check it out.  For 540 motor, it is usually 3.175 mm.

Then, you have to choose a brushless motor with the right KV value. If it is a racer, the higher KV value the better, usually higher than 3000 KV. On the other hand, if it is an RC crawler, you should choose the one with lower KV for its torque (under 3000 KV). For an RC crawler, you have to buy a brushless sensored motor that you control its speed more precisely.

Furthermore, as these brushless motors are powerful, you should replace your set of plastic gears with the metal ones otherwise they will get damaged easily.

Also, you need an ESC that can handle brushless motors. You also need LIPO batteries. If you use a 3s LIPO, you need an ESC at least 120a (AMP).

The Other Items

You might also consider replacing some of the plastic parts with ones made of aluminum. To get more information about this, read the post about the benefits of replacing with aluminum option parts.

Finally, you should think about whether you should reinforce the body of your car. If the body is made of a material such as PVC, you should really consider buying a roll of protective tape to reinforce it as it is the protection for your expensive electronic system under that cover.

Now, you will be ready to rock with your superb beast. 1,2,3, go!


Do you think we should always run our RC car on a brushless system?  Let’s leave some comments below or in my forums.


Thanks for reading

Written by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.




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