Easy Upgrade of Your RC Jeep SCX10

RC Jeep SCX10

This article is about  RC rock crawler accessories.

Today, you will read about how to upgrade your Axial SCX10 in any way you want.  There is a wide range of options available in the market.

Currie Axles

First, we started with one of the Currie shafts; they are licensed products and are based on real items that can be found in high-performance vehicles on the ground. These shafts are for Axial SCX10, so everyone who owns Axial Crawler will be able to install the Currie axles on their jeeps.

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Lower and Upper Chassis Links

Except for the axles, there are also some quality connections. They come in the form of lower and upper chassis links and Panhard steering conversion kits. The links are made of titanium, so you can crawl with confidence that the links will not disappoint you on the track.

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Diamond Pro Axle Case

In addition to the form, there are parts that are focused on the upgrade functionality. Diamond Pro axle case will help to increase unsprung weight for increased stability and improved overall performance. Then, the crawler will not roll over so easily. Significant diamond shafts for SCX10 are based on real car products made in scale 1/10 for your crawler.

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Other Optional Parts

There are brands like Yeah Racing and Xtra Speed that provide excellent quality optional parts. If you are looking for improved performance, do not look for further because they are the best value for money.

The listed brands are all manufacturers to improve performance, but do not worry if you are looking for decorative items! There is a large selection of body decoration parts from which you can choose! For the SCX10, there are in-car kits.

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More on optional parts


The last, but not the least important, are the optional parts. The optional parts include shocks, bumpers and dig units used to transform your scx10 from 4wd to 2wd.  That can make your crawler flexible in all road conditions.  You can add two pairs of Icon Shocks.  These shocks will give that smooth and controlled acceleration to your crawler. Aluminum steering joints in combination with c-centers provide more responsive steering, so the driver will get better at speeds and in the rocks.

By getting these functional and cosmetic SXC10 upgrades you will surely enjoy your crawler’s performance in the field.

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