RC jeep rock crawler

Unbelievable! Lego RC Jeep Is Actually Crawling on Rocks.

Unbelievable!  Lego Jeep actually can crawl.

I always think of Lego RC car as a weak little toy, in fact, it is not true.  Someone actually built a superb crawler using Lego bricks.  This jeep is a 4-wheel drive, with a superb suspension system.  It also has wonderful articulation, so it can crawl over rocks easily with its giant wheels.  Unexpectedly, it can also run over shallow water.  It is quite powerful as it has two motors pushed by a lipo battery.

This RC jeep is more durable than I expect from an RC car made of Lego bricks.  It is a little beast in the wild indeed!!

The design of this RC jeep rock crawler is pretty attractive. It can be described as a high-speed and powerful jeep with great control. This remote-controlled vehicle is also equipped with some cool stickers. It can be driven right, left, backward and forward as well.

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RC Jeep with LEGO Power Functions

This RC jeep rock crawler can be turned to any direction with effortless ease. You can drive it over large obstacles with good control and precision. The entire package comes with LEGO Power Functions components and they include remote control, battery box, receiver and two medium motors.

High Functional LEGO Technic RC Jeep

If you want to have some high-speed action using a powerful LEGO RC jeep, this one is the perfect option. The design and performance combine perfectly to offer the best user experience. The color scheme with cool stickers enhances the appearance tremendously. Excellent maneuverability is guaranteed by top quality rugged tracks and roll bars.

When you take the remote control on hand you can drive this RC jeep rock crawler over impediments or obstacles in an easy way. This vehicle is super-robust and the speed can be accelerated in a crazy way.

In addition to offering excellent speed, this RC jeep comes with appreciable control. Spins can be done easily and you can put it even on reverse gear. The existing users are of the opinion that this RC jeep rock crawler is an awesome one with excellent features.

The giant wheels keep the balance of this RC jeep in a perfect way. The suspension system needs to be appreciated as well. This little beast easily becomes the favorite toy for all RC lovers due to perfect design, excellent functionality, and outstanding performance.

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