The Most Important Things Needed to Know About remote control car batteries

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Even you are an RC crawling beginner, you should know there is a wide range of batteries and charging options available for your best RC crawler.  Read along to find out about different kinds of batteries used in RC cars and how you could charge them safely. RC batteries are mainly of two types: LiPo (Lithium-ion Polymer), which comes with a high energy density with a lighter weight with a powerful discharge and this requires intelligent chargers and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride), which is comparatively easier to maintain.

Major differences between LiPo and NiMH batteries:

Low-end models of devices come packed with NiMH battery, which is not that costly and they are easier to use. You need to discharge it completely ahead of charging it. LiPo batteries need not be fully discharged and to be stored, they need about 50-70 percent of charge. These two batteries mostly differ in their chemical composition.

Some other relevant RC battery types are as follows:

  • Ni-Cd: Nickel Cadmium, this battery is rechargeable but leaves a significant footprint on the environment.
  • Alkaline: This battery type is not rechargeable and can be found in AA batteries. It is mostly used for TV remotes and transmitters.

How can you safely charge RC batteries?

For NiMH batteries:

  • Before you start using the battery, make sure to charge the NiMH battery for about 6-8 hours with the help of the given charger.
  • If the charger comes with an indicator light, then ensure that the lights in the balance charger change to green which implies that it is fully charged.

For Li-Po batteries:

  • With the help of a balance charger that comes with an indicator light, you can find out if the battery is fully charged or not.
  • You should not leave the battery charging all night or even leave it unattended.
  • With this battery, the average running time comes to be 15-20 minutes of performance depending on the driving habit of the RC and the given terrain.

You should store the batteries in a cool dry environment for a longer lifespan and better performance. Li-Po batteries can be safely stored in a Li-Po safe bag specially designed to provide protection and charge the battery.

LIPO Safety Bag

Check out Common Sense’s LiPo Safe Pocket 3 Charging and Storage Bag, this product is designed with a suitable size and shape that can easily fit a LiPo battery and can discard all the extra clutter. They can also be used for smaller LiPo batteries. The safe bag is made of fire-resistant materials which ensures complete protection and follows all the regulations to charge a LiPo battery properly.

Tenergy Charger

The Tenergy 1-4 Cells is one of the best cheap LiPo battery chargers that functions efficiently. If you have a broader budget range, then you can go for an expensive battery ProLead RC B680AC, it is a great choice for a battery charger.


Going through this article will definitely boost your knowledge about different types of batteries used in RC cars and how you can charge the batteries safely!


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