The Best Micro RC Helicopter – Firefox C129 Review

Here are some pictures you can appreciate the beauty of the Firefox C129 helicopter flying.




Here is a video on YouTube to see how stable this micro RC helicopter is.  

What is Firefox C129 Helicopter

It is a micro RC helicopter that is ready to fly

What you will receive

  • Model: C129
  • Material Used: Plastics
  • Transmitter/Receiver: 2.4Ghz
  • Channel: 4
  • Propeller Length: 249mm; Fuselage Height: 80mm; Fuselage Length: 268mm
  • Maximum Control Area: 100m
  • Battery Needed: 3.7V 300mAh Battery (Lithium)
  • Max. Flying Duration: 15 minutes
  • Time to charge: around 60 minutes

How I Feel About This Micro Helicopter

A Brief Review for the Firefox C129, A Micro RC Helicopter.

I think Firefox C129 is the best RC helicopter for every beginning hobbyist.  It has a long fly duration and is very crash-resistant.  Here are some points why you should consider buying these micro RC helicopters.

(They are as same as the Eachine E129; by my own observation, they are just rebranding for foreign markets.)

What I like about this micro RC helicopter

  • They have a flybarless design, so it is easier to repair.
  • These micro helicopters also have a gyro installed, so you can have a very stable flying experience.
  • While they cannot move as easily in a windy condition, you can adjust the flying rate to make them more stable.
  • In addition, they are not expensive at all; you can get them on Banggood.com for under $50, so they are very affordable for making your first entry into the helicopter flying.
  • While some long-time hobbyists think these 4 channels helicopters are toys, you can move them in all directions and make them perform most actions of a real helicopter.  It can be really fun and challenging.
  • They are controlled by a 2.4 GHZ transmitter, so you and your friends can fly together.
  • They are almost crash-proof; I crashed mine several times already, but nothing has been damaged.
  • Their flying time for each battery is about 15 minutes; many others have only 7-8 minutes flying time.
  • They have altitude control; so you will not need to keep maintaining their height. That can be troublesome for most beginners.  You can focus on steering around your helicopter.  In fact, they are a very useful if you plan to get a bigger helicopter in the future.
  • Their part availability is ok; if you live in a western country, you might want to order the parts as you place your order for the helicopter.  It usually will take a month to ship overseas.
  • As they are very small, if you live in a big house, you can fly them inside your house.  Unlike an RC plane, a micro helicopter does not need much space for enjoyment.
  • The C129 is an RTF helicopter; you get the helicopter, the control system, and some of its parts in a small box so that it is easy for you to carry it to a place where you can enjoy flying.
  • On the left corner of the controller, it has a button for auto take-off and landing.  It makes controlling this helicopter even easier.  It is a good feature if you want to fly this helicopter once you open the box and connect it with a battery.

If you have your own opinion about these micro RC helicopters, you can type in your comment below.  On the other hand, if you want to get into helicopter flying, will you get one?


You can get Firefox C129 on Aliexpress.



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