SKYRC IMAX B6 Mini RC Model Power Supply Adapter Honest Review!

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Imax B6 Mini

Hey Everyone! how are your RC cars/crawlers doing? Great right? obviously, with proper maintenance and care, they are doing good for sure! But being healthy and looking shiny from outside is not the only thing you should take care of!

So today in this article we are going to give you a quick but brief overview of SKYRC Professional Balance Charger/Discharger. Some of you might already know about this product but not everyone.

Hence, If you are looking for a longer life of your RC car and its battery you should read this review with lots of useful information. Now Let’s take a closer look at this SKYRC Professional Balance Charger/Discharger’s features and functionalities.

What Is A Professional Balance Charger/Discharger?

As an RC hobbyist, you have some knowledge about this type of product but for anyone who is a newbie in this field, it would be not that familiar for him.

SKYRC Professional Balance Charger/Discharger is a device used by professionals for various purposes like charging/discharging different kinds of batteries, Checking battery level/voltage, etc.

But should you buy it or not? You’ll find out! First, let’s examine its features.

Out Of The Box Contents

After receiving this product you will get the following items out of the box included along with your IMAX B6 professional charger/discharger.

  • The main unit IMAX B6 (with an aluminum body)
  • Banana plugs ending with T connectors
  • Futaba and Xt60 connectors
  • Most popular JST connectors
  • A user manual guide

The input/output voltages supported in this product are very versatile also! For example, the maximum AC input allowed is AC 110-240V, 50 / 60Hz, 1.4A.

And when it comes to the DC voltage it supports up to DC 15V or 4A. the style of power plug’s pin will be depended on your location because if you order it from the UK then you will get a UK based three-pin plug.

So these are the basic things you will get out of the box which can be useful when you need to connect lots of devices altogether!

Useful Features

This IMAX B6 is a very versatile charger which is compatible with literally most types of batteries in the market! It doesn’t matter if you have a lot of various devices at home you can charge all of them using this IMAX B6!
For example, if you have PB batteries then you can charge them up to 20 volts (10 cells) quickly and easily. And if you have a LiPo Battery then you can charge it easily up to 22.2 volts (6 cells with discharging available).
It’s so versatile that you can use it even using other battery’s power also! but keep in mind that to use other battery’s power, proper voltage input is required otherwise it will not work properly.

In this charger/discharger, you can use many different types of connectors according to your requirements which are listed as below.

• Banana connectors
• T connectors
• 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S Lipo Balance Charger Cable

You can use these cables for connecting your device with IMAX B6 and charge or discharge them accordingly!

Flexible Usage

Being very versatile and useful this IMAX B6 all in one charger and discharger can be used for many-type of batteries which are listed as below.

LiPo (1-6 cell)
LiFe (1-6 cell)
Lilon (1-6 cell)
NiMH (1-15 cell)
NiCd (1-15 cell)
PB(Lead Acid) (2-20V)

If you have any type of device at home and want to charge them then, it might be a little bit difficult for you to keep all of the chargers at one place instead of using so many chargers you can use this powerful tool to charge all of your devices.

This IMAX B6 charger/discharger can run without any external support. But to use this device, you will have to buy an AC to DC adapter for providing power to your charger/discharger. Some of these chargers come with an adapter.

In this mini version, you can store various settings for different battery types so you won’t need to change them every time you want to charge your battery with it.

The user can store up to 10 different settings in this version and use them any time according to their requirements.

How To Use It?

Now after getting all the basic information required to buy this product you would be wondering how to use it for charging your batteries, right?

Don’t worry here is a step by step guide for how to exactly use this device and charge your batteries quickly and easily.

Step by step

First of all, you will have to decide which type of battery you are going to charge because you will have to do some settings in the IMAX B6 to make it compatible according to your battery type.

Now the second step you will have to do is get the right pair of connectors which are supported in your battery and connect them with IMAX B6.

Third, if you want to charge a LiPo battery then first you need to change the battery type to LIPO. you can do this easily by using the stop button provided on the charger/discharger.  Where you will be asked to select a particular battery type for charging.

Forth, now set the charge current also according to your battery type and confirm the settings by pressing the start button.

Finally, keep in mind that you will have to provide a consistent power supply for using this product to it’s fullest!  You can start charging your battery now.


That was a basic step to step guide for using this SKYEC IMAX B6 mini charger/discharger. If you feel confused on any part then you might like a video explanation for using this which is much more easy to understand.

For safety, do not charge your batteries unattended.

Always use a LIPO bag to store your batteries when they are not in use.


So if you are an RC hobbyist then I would highly recommend you to buy this product because of it’s rich features and flexible usage.

This IMAX B6 is very powerful for charging/discharging your batteries compared to other products like this. But make sure to buy original SKYRC IMAX B6 charger/discharger only!
If you are unable to decide which is the real one then always look for SKYRC original company hologram on the backside of it.

If you found any useful information in this article then please take some time to share it with your friends and other RC lovers also!

And don’t forget to comment your thoughts on this IMAX B6 charger/discharger in the comments section down below!

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you enjoy reading it.
Written by Sidharth Kushvah
Edited by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.

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