A 1/10 Crawler, SCX10 Deadbolt Review

A 1/10 crawler, SCX10 Deadbolt Review

This is a review article on the SCX10 deadbolt. This RC crawling jeep is ready to run on any rocky and wet condition. That means once you buy it, if you have the required battery and charger, you can have fun right away.  Axial designed this jeep to run on any dirt surface easily. I personally enjoy running this jeep on a beach as it looks real when water and sand spread all over it. Not many RC off-road cars are suitable for running on sand.

I now list out the pros and cons for this RC crawling jeep, so that you can decide for yourself if you really want to get this jeep. This information is from my personal experience in driving this RC crawling jeep.

Should I buy the Deadbolt?

  • This RC jeep is very durable as its main frame components are made of metal material. During the time I had this RC jeep, nothing was broken. Then, I wanted a high-speed jeep, so I sold the Deadbolt eventually.
  • The AE-5 ESC (electronic speed controller) can handle 3S Lipo so this jeep can run faster and crawl higher. AE-5 is also water-proof so you can drive this jeep on a beach without any worry.
  • This RC jeep is using 27T brushed motor so it has enough space for replacing the original motor with any high turn brushed motors or brushless motors. By doing so, this little beast can become a superb crawler.
  • This jeep is a 4-wheel drive, so it hardly gets stuck in the mud or sand.
  • This jeep’s wheelbase can be extended by using longer suspension links, then changing to a detailed hard body is possible.
  • No roll cage attached to the frame, so modification is easy. It is important as modifying an RC jeep is an important part of playing RC crawler.
  • The body shell is in green; it looks very sharp.
  • Ae-5 can use NiMH or lipo batteries.
  • Many optional parts are available in the market, so you can become the mechanic of your own jeep.
  • Due to its frame construction, this RC jeep is suitable for running in sand. You will notice that it is easy to clean after beach bashing.
  • The Deadbolt is designed for low speed as it is using a 27T brushed motor. If you are used to a high-speed RC off-road bashers, you will get bored with the Deadbolt easily. However, if you upgrade it to a high KV brushless motor with 3S lipo, the RC jeep will run much faster, but it can become unstable. It will roll over easily. I advise you not to turn this RC jeep into a runner as it is not designed to do so.
  • The body is not as detailed as some of the hard body. If you are into scaled RC jeeps, you might want to replace the original body with a hard body.


Making a wiser decision for your purchase

After careful examination of this jeep’s pros and cons, I hope you can make a wiser decision regarding the purchase of this RC crawling jeep. If you want a capable high power crawler, you should get it. Deadbolt is one of the best Axial’s products. For more reviews on RC crawling jeeps, you can come to my blog, bestrccrawler.com. I have done another review for AX90045, a high-speed rocker racer. Thanks for your valuable time.

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