Review for the HG P407 Problems and Its Potentials

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You should get this RC truck if you like realism.  The following post will tell you why you should consider getting this RC truck.

Tamiya Bruiser

best RC crawler

Tamiya is the big brother in the RC Hobby industry. It has been producing many famous RC cars since 1977.

Some of these off-road RC cars include Lunchbox, XR311, Sand Rover, Holiday Buggy, Grasshopper, Hornet, Frog, Avante, Blackfoot, and Bruiser. The list is almost endless, and among all these, the most wanted should be the Bruiser.

Even a new RC newcomer should have heard about the Bruiser which was first released in 1985. It has a realistic shiftable 3-speed transmission with solid working axle leaf spring suspension. By the standard back then, Bruiser is at the highest class. In 1985, no one would expect such an RC car could be produced.

Currently, if you have the money, you can get one as it is selling a price of around $700 on some online stores. For all these reasons, the Bruiser is the dream car for almost all RC hobbyists. As you can buy it as an RC kit, you can fully appreciate the craftsmanship used by Tamiya to put this kit together.

HG p407

RC crawler


In 2018, one of the Chinese RC manufacturers has produced a clone of Bruiser. This Bruiser clone was named HG P407. It was produced by “恒冠” which is a famous RC company in China. It has been produced many clones for some bigger names RC cars such as SCX10.

If for ethical reasons, I should never consider buying from them.  However, I suspected that the copyright for the design of Bruiser might have already passed after 40 years, so other companies could produce similar items with improved features.

However, for such a price tag, the P407 are very attractive. The Bruiser clone is selling around $300 online. As a result, I could not resist getting it once it became available in China. Even luckier, I found a seller on Taobao, and he was willing to sell the truck to me at $1300 RMB (USD $200).

When it arrived, I immediately opened it.  First, I found that the wiper was broken, due to some careless carriers. Then, I found the body shell was still in good condition, but a little thin. I hope it would be durable as I would drive it off road on some rocky roads.

Buying Advice

  • This RC truck comes in two color, black, and white. If you decide to paint the car with your own color, you should get the one in white.
  • First, I found out that the shifting was not very good; in fact, I could say that it was frustrating and awkward. As a result, due to the problematic shifting, the transmission did not run smoothly. After I opened the gearbox, I found out that no oil had been added to it and many other important locations such as the axle, and the shock absorption. A few months later, while I was taking a trip to Hong Kong, I talked to one sale in a famous RC shop. According to him, they also found the same problem in this truck. They would not recommend this RC to a complete beginner as the gearbox needed to be opened to add oil.
  • If you do not have the right tools for an RC car, you should get a set. The original tools that come with P407 are not very good as it can strip the screws easily. I hope, for the next batch, the manufacturer can improve this product by using higher quality materials for making the screws.
  • Option (aluminum) parts should be provided to increase the performance of this truck. I think the manufacturer will do it as it is the steam for future income.
  • In P407, I found metal gears, so they are very durable. P407 has a sealed gearbox, so dust and sand should not get it the gear system easily. It is good. I heard that in the Bruiser, many gears are made of plastic, so they can get damaged easily.
  • To increase the crawling, the crawling performance, you can enable the differential locks to lock the front and back differentials.  In fact, as this RC car has differentials, we should not be worried about that it will roll over easily. Then, replacing the original motor with a powerful brushless motor such as 3300KV can be a good idea.
  • Many parts of the chassis are made of metal so P407 is strong enough to withstand the abuse they endure the rocky roads.
  • One bad thing about this RC truck is that its servo is installed in a position that is far away from the wheels.  As a result, this truck does not run very straight.  You need to do a major modification on this.

I think P407 is a good crawler for its price.  While it is not as capable as the more famous crawlers, they should be able to handle many different harsh conditions as they run through some dirt roads.

Later, I found out that you can buy P407 as a kit. It should be a piece of good news for the new buyers as they can have an easier time upgrading this truck.  For the ready to run version, P407 is not waterproof.  You need to have a waterproof servo and ESC.  Also, you need to seal your receiver if it is not waterproof.  On the other hand, for the kit, you can also pick your own electronic system, so that you can make sure that your truck is waterproof.


Overall for its price, the truck P407 is good for its potential for improvement. As Bruiser is the dream car for many RC hobbyists, I believe, there is a huge market for its clone P407. This RC truck does have some problems, but they are not beyond unfixable. We should be enjoyable for fixing them. In fact, P407 has some areas that are stronger than the counterparts found in the Bruiser.


Written by Carlos Santos


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