Realistic RC Trucks: WPL Truck Review B24

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My experience with WPL truck – B24 Review

Check out this RC truck on eBay. 

It is a full review for the WPL Off-Road 1/16 Scale RC Rock Crawler Truck!  Its name is B24.

The world of RC crawling is getting new launches of many micro/mini rock crawlers more recently as hobbyists are able to see the advantages of micro/mini crawlers.  They do not need to run to a beach or rocky mountain to have fun with them.  They can just set up their own track in their backyard to enjoy the excitement with their friends.  indeed, 1/16 size is just right as it is not too large to carry around, or too small to crawl over anything.

The WPL off-road 1/16 scale RC rock crawler is also one of them! Whenever these models come in microscale, RC lovers are really eager to check out the features and performance of these newcomers in the market.  In this article we are going to review a WPL off-road 1/16 scale RC rock crawler (B24) and try to find out its pros/cons and whether it’s worth buying or not?

A week ago, we bought this model in a kit form online for less than 50$ bucks only! this has turned out to be an excellent deal at this price point.  This WPL B-24 GAZ-66 military truck has many good features along with excellent performance so let’s take a closer look at them now!

What You’ll Get Out Of The Box?

When you buy this product you will get the following contents out of the box along with your WPL 1/16 scale RC truck.

A powerful 2.4 G transmitter (trigger style controller) to control your WPL 1/16 mini rock crawler truck from a distance of about 50 meters.   The controlling distance is right for RC crawling as you usually want to get closer to your crawler to decide how to move your car step by step.  This distance is pretty much enough for daily usage!

A 6V 700 MAH Ni-Cd Battery which is probably enough to provide you 20-minute running time around your neighborhood! The battery is really high quality which takes 2 hours to charge with the provided USB charger.  Most people will double or triple the playing time by buying an extra one or two LIPO batteries of 500-1500 MAH.  Using a B6 to charge the LIPO, you can set it to 0.7A to charge it for 1 hour.  If you drive the truck around your neighborhood, two or three batteries should be more than enough.

A high-performance USB power adapter to fully charge your 700 MAh battery in 2 hours! and other selected scale accessories along with necessary parts.

And last but not least an instruction manual booklet inside the RTR model which will help you whenever you need to disassemble your truck or upgrade anything.  The manual is extremely important later when you want to replace or upgrade the broken parts as you can find the part numbers there.  Remember to keep the manual and do not throw it away.

So that’s everything you will get out of the box when you buy this WPL 1/16 scale RC rock crawler.


Now let’s talk about its amazing features included in this pack.


The original motor is 180.  It is enough if you only want casual crawling.  However, if you are serious about your hobby, you should replace it with a 370 motor.  In fact, most hobbyists are doing so.  Usually, when people upgrade to a 370 motor, they will replace the original gears in the gearbox with improve ones too, which is usually metal.


For the RTR version, its steering system is not controlled by a regular motor so the player cannot have proportional control over the truck.

For the kit version, you can control your truck’s turning precisely as its steering system is controlled by a micro servo.

Before placing an order for a servo, check the size to find out if it is suitable for your RC car.  You also need a fixing plate to install your servo.


This WPL 1/16 scale model is really durable when it comes to building quality and performance. Because it comes with an aluminum/metal chassis which is a lightweight but durable material.

So using your RC truck on various terrains wouldn’t be a problem for you because the chassis will provide enough support for your whole RC truck.


For the RTR version, the tires are harder compared to other models in this field.   For the kit version, the truck has softer tires, so that they great for off-road crawling and regular usage also!

You also get an additional spare tire for your WPL truck in some models. So when one of your tires is worn out or damaged you can change it easily using the user manual.

Check out the metal wheels on eBay.  They improve the stability of your truck.

Looks and Design

The best thing about this WPL 1/156 truck is that it’s not any ordinary-looking truck instead it comes with a stunning retro design that you would like to display it on your disk.

The build quality provides extra power to the truck and makes it more durable. It also comes with a pair of LED lights at the front end which is really cool. When the truck starts they also start to blink for some time.

At rest, this truck can be treated as a display model as it has all the details as such.  In motion, they can crawl all over the places.

If you are an artist, you can paint the truck in a way that makes it realistic.

Potential for Upgrade

Most of the fun of this B24 is from upgrading it.  You can buy all the aftermarket components to turn the entire chassis into a super strong one.  It is fun as you can become the engineer of your car; you decide which parts to upgrade and which parts to keep as the original.

For example, you can replace the original motor with a 370 motor, which has a much higher torque than the stock one.  Also, you can have a better electronic system, so that you can control your truck more precisely.  You do not have proportional control with the original steering system (the kit version).  To drive your truck at night, you can also add more lights on your truck.  To control the lights, you need a 3 channel transmitter/receiver.  Some hobbyists complaint that the drive shaft break very fast, so upgrade it to full metal is the way to go.  Pretty soon, you can add a sound system in the truck, so it will behave and sound like a real truck.

How it performs!

Click here to watch a Youtube Video to find out how this the WPL B24 performs in stock.

My Thoughts About This WPL Truck

Check out this RC truck on eBay. 

These WPL 1/16 scale RC trucks are available in different variants.  There are 6×6 or 4×4.  You can pick the one you like.     I suggest you go with the model which fits the best for your style!

I will be straight forward that it’s not a fully hobby-grade RC truck if you are looking for a hobby-grade RC vehicle then it would be better for you to choose an scx10 or any other models like that!

You can either buy them as ready to run RTR or buy a kit if you are familiar with RC cars/trucks and assembling them from scratch.

But if you are a beginner, I would suggest you go for an RTR which includes everything you need and it’s ready to run out of the box which is a really good thing for a newbie who is just starting into this RC world.


Check out this RC truck on eBay. 

This B24 is a very good WPL RC truck.  While it is not a fully hobby-grade RC truck,  it is fun to play and if you plan to customize it then you can get the most out of it!

That’s it, for now, guys if you even found a little bit of information useful in this article then do me a small favor and please share it with your RC lover friends and loved ones.

And don’t forget to comment down your own thoughts about this WPL 1/16 scale RC truck. Will you buy it or not? let me know in the comments section down below.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you enjoy reading it.
Written by Sidharth Kushvah
Edited by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.

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