RC Crawlers for Little Kids

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Rock crawlers for the hobbyists with a limited budget

These are another high-quality Hong Kong/China RC trucks for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget. This time, we introduce two smaller crawlers. One is from HSP and the other is from HBX.  These are famous RC manufacturers in China.

A mini RC rock crawler might be your answer

Rock crawling is a very popular activity right now. There are many professional or semi-professional competitions going on around the world. There might be one in your neighborhood. When your kids watch a video about a crawling race, they can be very excited. Then, if your kids keep asking to have one of the crawlers they see on video, and you think all of these big monsters are over your budget. You might be in trouble.

However, these little RC trucks might be your answer. You can get these two little beast to calm down your kids. These RC trucks can crawl somewhat ok; sure they are not as powerful as some of the hobby graded crawlers in the market.

At this point, let’s dig in for more information about these 2 crawlers.

HSP 94680

While it is small, it is still a stable crawler; in fact It is a 4 wheel drive superb crawling machine. While it is only 1/18, it is still very capable. Also, its body is made of aluminum, so you should not be worried much when it rolls over while crawling.

You will be surprised by its power and ability. A crawler must have a flexible and articulating suspension system so that it can climb rocks easily. This HSP has it. Also as its body is made of aluminum, it is strong enough to withstand the abuse. I believe you will love this baby


This is another high-quality China mini RC truck for the RC hobbyists with a limited budget.  Its name is Devastator.  The producer uses high-quality aluminum to make all its body parts and frames.  As a result, it is very durable and beautiful.  You might wonder if this is a capable mini RC jeep.  Continue your reading to find out.

A durable mini RC truck

Although this mini RC truck is very small, it is a capable beast; it can crawl over big rocks easily with its 4 wheel drive and steering system.  4 wheel steering is a very uncommon feature in a 1/24 RC truck.   In fact, you can use your transmitter to choose 4 different options for steering.  This is an important feature in tight corners.  Furthermore, as it is small, you can play inside your house or garden without taking it to a big land for fun.  Also, it has a very good appearance, so it is good for display.

More capable mini RC truck

The steering system is powered by two 9g servos.   Also, all of its suspension links are also made of metal.  Thus, this mini RC truck is comparable to a 1/10 RC truck in term of features offered to its driver.  You will never regret buying this.  You will soon notice that its articulation is very good.  Also, its gears are strong enough to withstand the abuse on the rocky roads.  However, it does not have oil filled shock absorbers.  Another thing I don’t like about it is its ESC/receiver unit. While it can save some space, it is not a good idea; if it has a problem, you will lose the ESC/receiver altogether.

This mini RC truck is ready to run

A 2.4g transmitter, 6.4 V lipo battery, and a lipo charger are included.  With all these items, you can drive this little RC truck right out of the box.  One thing I like about this transmitter is that you only need 3 AA batteries.  For the long run, you can save some money.  For the price, you can get it for around $130 on some online stores.  It is a great bargain for this is with lot of wonderful features.  If you have a limited budget, but still want a crawler, you can consider this superb little monster.


Do not look down on little RC crawling trucks and think of them as incapable.  In fact their small sizes do not make them belong to a lower class in term of crawling ability.  They are feature riched; they can still be powerful and offer a lot of great features that help them to perform well on rocky roads.  I believe that you can still have fun crawling with these little creatures.  Due to their smaller size, you can drive them anywhere you want.


Thanks for reading, written by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.


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