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RC Bikes Fun?

What Are RC Bikes?

Remote control bikes / RC bikes are scaled model motorcycles; their motor is controlled by a signal transmitted from a handheld transmitter to a micro receiver installed inside of that model.

It has a steering servo that can make the RC bike turn left or right according to how the player controls his/her transmitter. These models usually run on electric power, but if you search on the Internet, you should be able to find one running on Nitro fuel.

Electric Vs Nitro Powered Bikes

The RC bike running on electric power is easier to maintain and repair; they are cleaner to handled and produce less noise. They can run as fast as or even faster than the ones running on nitro fuel. If you live in a small apartment and do not have much space for working on your hobby, I suggest you get one on electric power. However, if you do have your own working space, you definitely should consider getting one on nitro power for its realism; this type of remote-controlled bike can generate smoke while its engine is running.

What Is a Gyro?

Some of the RC bikes have a gyro installed. A gyro is an electronic or mechanical system connected to the rear wheel, helping an RC dirt bike stay balanced while running. An electronic gyro keeps on running as long as you turn on the bike while a mechanical gyro is only activated by the real wheel’s movement.

A gyro is especially important for an RC dirt bike as its center of gravity is high. For an on-road bike, the gyro might be missing as it is not necessary for its center of gravity is low, and can run steadily without a gyro.

What Are the Different Ways to Enjoy Driving an RC Motorcycle?

There are 2 types of RC bikes. If you have an on-road bike, you usually will run with your friends in a parking lot or on a racetrack. Racing often is the only type of activity you will enjoy with your on-road bike. You usually need to spend a fortune to buy a lot of options to upgrade your bike so that your bike can stay competitive in the crowd. You do not want to be the last one to finish a circuit, don’t you?

On the other hand, if you enjoy driving by yourself, or do not live near a racetrack, getting an off-road RC dirt bike might more suits your liking. Jumping over obstacles is fun and exciting. Unexpectedly, for this type of RC bike, buying a hop-up is not necessary unless you are racing with someone occasionally. While bashing your remote-controlled bike, you can test the limit of your RC dirt bike. If your bike is as durable, as the SkyRC SR5, you only need to get a replacement part once in a while, so you usually do not spend a lot on it.

Here is a blog post about why RC dirt biking provides so much fun.

Why Is Driving an RC Bike More Challenging Than Driving a 4-Wheel RC Car?

To fully enjoy this type of RC car, one usually needs to learn how to balance as the car runs. This is a mixed experience; you can feel excited and frustrated at the same time. That depends on how the RC bike is constructed and how often you practice driving it. As you need to learn how to control an RC dirt bike, it is never boring. Once you get on your remote-controlled bike, you will not want to stop. In fact, once you stop your bike, you might need to run to pick it up again. Unlike any other 4-wheel car, you really need to learn how to control an RC bike. Thus, next time, when someone says you are playing a toy car, you can tell him that your remote-controlled bike is not a toy car, but a model car that requires good handling skills.

The SkyRC SR 5 can stand up again after it falls on the ground.

After reading this blog post, will you consider getting a remote-controlled bike? I am definitely sure that you will love your bike. I myself a motorcycle driver; however, my wife was too worried about my safety of riding a motorcycle. Thus, I use a remote-controlled bike as a substitute for a real bike. I am glad I made the right choice. If you have any idea about this topic, please leave your message after this post.

Thanks for reading.

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