My First RC boat – HJ808 Review

As you know I live in Macau, a beautiful but small city. There used to be no appropriate zone designated for many RC activities. Except for racing RC cars, you cannot fly an RC glider or sail an RC boat.

A month ago, I finally found a place at the University of Macau for sailing RC boats. In the center of this university, I found that there is a great lake running along the whole campus.

As the water is very shallow, playing an RC boat there is very safe. Just in front of the administrative building, you will find a spot where you can put a boat into the water easily.

Started sailing my speed boat

See how fast this speed boat can sail

For this reason, I had decided to get my first RC boat. I wanted something cheap, so even I lost that I will not feel unhappy. A few days ago, I purchased the HJ808 on Taobao.com.

Watch this video to see how this RC boat performs on the water.



Here is the reason why I like this RC boat.

  • It is cheap with 2 batteries; these can last for about 24 to 30 minutes. A charger is enclosed. Its price is about $60 only.  I got mine on Taobao.com for around $25.
  • It is waterproof with 2 layers; after I ran it around the lake for a while, and opened the cover, I found no water inside the boat. The electronic system is safe. In fact, the boat has a flip recovery ability and also can run backward, so you will never run into any trouble.
  • Its speed is acceptable; you can control the boat at a different speed. At its max, it can reach up to 30 KPH; it should be exciting if you race this with your friends.
  • This boat can sail at night as it has several LEDs on its head and tail.
  • It has a water cooling system, so its motor is always running in its most efficient manner.
  • It looks good for display.


*The only thing I don’t like about this RC boat is that; its charger and batteries are with a special plug so that you cannot use your own charger to charge the batteries.  If anything happens to the USB charger, you need to reorder it.  It is troublesome.  I just checked the HJ806, the larger version of this boat has a charger and batteries with a Tamiya plug;  it is a great improvement over HJ808.

You can get the HJ808 on Amazon; if you have never sailed an RC boat and want to get one. I strongly suggest you get this HJ808 RC boat.


If you have any comments on this blog post or the boat, please leave your message in my comment section.  Thanks.




Carlos Santos


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