My First Flying Experience With The Z53 RC Plane 2 Channel (Review).

Flying a Tiny RC Plane Over the Most Crowded City

I live in Macau, a tiny city located in the south of Asia. In this city, it is very hard to find a big enough place for flying a regular RC plane. However, I want to get a taste of RC flying, so I have decided to pick up a tiny RC plan for fulfilling my quest.

Reasons for Picking Up This RC Plane

There are several reasons why I picked up this RC plane to experience the exciting flying moment as a beginner.

  • It is very cheap. You can get in on eBay for less than $50.  I got it on, a Chinese shopping site for less than $20.  The lower price is good; it gets damaged, I do not feel bad.  Then, I can enjoy it as much as possible.
  • It can fly very well. This plane has a gyro stabilization system. It can balance itself as it flies.  As a result, it can never crash due to your incorrect control.
  • It should be easy to control.  The controller has two sticks, one on the left and one on the right.  With the left one, you can give power to the propellers, and with the right one, you control the plane to turn left or right.  That is all about it.  With more practice, you gain control of the plane very well.  However as it is only a 2 channel RC plane, you can not control its elevation. In order words, when you want to land, it might not land due to wind.  In fact as a result my plane flew away and I lost it in the end.  From that point on, I have learned that even I am a beginner, I should get a 3 channel instead of a 2 channel RC plane, especially when you need to land the plane due to windy condition.
  • It is very durable. After I received my RC plane, I decided to go to Macau Tower Square to test my flying skill. (I have some hours of flying experience on a mobile phone simulator). The following picture shows the place where I flew my RC plane.

As you can see, while this place is big enough for flying a tiny plane, there are many short trees and flag poles on the square.  For example, my RC plane flew to the top of a tree, and I almost could not get the Z53 RC plane down. Finally, I kept giving power to the propellers till the RC plane finally dropped to the ground. Also, as my RC plane flew near the flag poles, I needed to change direction to avoid a crash; due to my inappropriate control, my plane crashed. Anyway, later, I found nothing was damaged on my plane.

Flight Test

I think you do want to see how this z53 RC plane behaves over the sky. While I cannot take the video while flying my plane, I did find a review video on YouTube. Hope you enjoy watching it.

Things You Need To Pay Attention to as an RC Plane Beginner.

  • Make sure that you carry all the things you need to the place for flying.

  • Read the instruction sheet and adjust your RC plane first and make it run straight; by doing so, it will be easier for your plane to take off.
  • Do not give full power to your RC plane; first, go gradually. I spent about 10 minutes searching for my plane after I started it with full power, and my place flies too high and lost control eventually.
  • Do not fly near trees. I just told that I have learned a hard reason.
  • If it is too windy, do not fly; you cannot control it (I lost my plane due to strong wind).
  • Enjoy flying. You will love it.

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The lesson I learned from this 2 channel Z53  RC plane; if you do not lose your RC plane, get a 3 channel even you are a complete beginner.

By Carlos Santos, your webmaster.


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