Moments of My Blogging Journey and More Than 10 Tips for Starting a Blog


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No Pain, No Gain
(I will continue updating this post)


In this article, I am going to talk about the sad and happy moments of the beginning stage of my blog, (now it is It is all about your Best RC crawler. In these moments, I have learned a lot about blogging.   At the same time, I spent some money (USD $2500) that I am treating that as the tuition for future success. I organize this article into two parts, the happy and the not so happy moments.


I will keep updating this post as I gain new experiences in blogging.


Not So Happy Moments (Money wasted)




Building backlinks is a risky business.  After watching one of the videos on YouTube about the risk of building backlinks, I decided to move my blog to a new domain, and let it grow more naturally.  However, as I have invested more than $1000 in, so I am using to use it as the landing page, and buy traffic for it.  When a visitor comes to, he/she will see a link to my blog.  Hopefully, by doing so, some visitors will come to  I expect the traffic will have a lower bounce rate as the visitors need to click to get into my blog.  That can also avoid bot traffic too.

Never buy any backlinks as the seller can delete all the backlinks without your agreement.  In fact, what you have to do is to do on page SEO.  The doing so, Google and rank your pages much easier.  Your blog will earn the needed traffic eventually.  Trust me as I spend couples of thousand dollars to earn this lesson.


Scammers Online


You can hire people to do your work on,, and  One thing you really have to be careful is the time when you want to buy link building service.  These sellers usually will overstate the power of their promotion; the groups or places they build your backlinks on are too general to receive any significant result.  In fact, it there is a good result, the result only comes a few months after you make the payment.  You cannot ask for any refund if there is nothing good happen to your blog.  Also, a sudden huge increase in backlink can make Google suspicious and your domain can be at risk of being banned.  That was the reason why I moved my blog to a new domain.  I did too much grey hat promotion for


Fake Traffic

If you want to buy traffic, you will encounter sellers who claimed they can show proof of what they are selling.  However, what they can give you is a shortened URL to something hidden under that.  I compared that with my Google Analytics and found out that many of these proofs are invalid.  Now, if you want to buy traffic, I would advise you to buy traffic if it can be tracked by Google Analytics.  However, still, even the traffic can be checked by Google Analytics, it can be fake.

Google Organic Traffic (Can Be Tracked by Google Analytics)

At first, I thought you have to wait for at least a few months before you can get Google organic traffic.  However, later I found out that you can get it in Fiverr. I thought that is not bot traffic as you can check it in Google analytics.  Unfortunately, it is not true.

Negative result found

After more testings, I am finally sure that those traffic packages do not bring any real human visitors to my blog as I expected before, while they can improve Alexa significantly.  I put my blog’s URL on my landing page, with the hope that these visitors can type in the URL to go to my blog, but I failed miserably.  I have noticed that these visitors will click the URL to my blog, but they will never type it in a browser to visit my blog.  In conclusion, I will not use Google Adsense or other ad networks with these traffic packages as I don’t think I will get a good result anyway.  I will only use them for Alexa ranking improvement.


I have experience with these sellers.  Take your own risk if you buy traffic from any of these sellers.

1. Creativetraffic

This is the first seller I bought organic traffic from.  Regardless of his traffic quality, he is a helpful and patient guy. During the traffic sending period, I requested him to shut down the traffic due to a technical problem. I told him to stop permanently, but later I changed my mind and asked him to send the traffic again. I expected to pay him but he sent again without charging me a single dime.

2. sarabouchrika

A few days later, I found this seller. She asked me to pay $5 for 270000 USA visitors for 30 days (organic traffic). It is dirt cheap as this traffic has low bound rate too. Even now she is charging $15, it is still cheap as her traffic has a low bound rate (30% to 70%).

3. minutesuae

Then, in, I found this seller. This seller sells geo traffic with a bounce rate. As I want to promote my blog to European countries, his service is useful.


[bctt tweet=”This has been the most serious mistake I have ever made in my blogging journey.  Before buying this traffic, I should have been aware that if the traffic is real, these sellers should have used for Adsense earning.  By doing so, they will earn more than they sell it to any webmaster.  I have wasted about $100 USD on these fake traffic packages.” username=”Antonio38308505″]
Buying Fans, Followers, and likes

Facebook page likes,

Twitter’s, Pinterest’s Followers,

Views for a Youtube video


Having a good amount of social signals (shares) is important for promoting your blog right now.  We think as more people share our URL, more people will visit our blog. Then, I will consider getting more likes/followers/views to our blog/site/video.  However, it takes a long time to those shares, so we might consider buying instead of waiting.  However, the bought likes/followers/views can drop overnight as many of those are fake.  In fact, even with true likes/views/followers, you might not get the traffic you want as many of these do not bring in any traffic.


RSS on your blog/site


While RSS is a very good promotion tool for your blog, but when you have it on your blog/site, you have to pay extra attention to the content you are sending to an RSS system.   About 2 months ago in April, I joined as it has a page that lists the top 100 best RC blogs in the world.  I paid for its very low monthly subscription (less than $2), and also submitted my blog to its RSS system.  Then, I thought everything was set, and I went on doing other tasks for my blog.


About two weeks ago, I checked and found out that something serious is happening to my blog.  As you should know the uniqueness of a blog post is very important in term of Google ranking of websites.   I found that beginning of April 15, all my contents had been collected and published by  If they had only been published the summary of my blog posts, then it would be good as they attract visitors to my blog.


Unfortunately, it was not the case.  They had published all these posts in their full version till the date I finally stop it by resetting my blog so that it blocks Feedspot from getting my content. Feedspot took about 10000 words from my blog. I lost the uniqueness of 11 articles on the topis about best RC crawler.   I also sent several emails to Feedspot asking them to delete the content, but they have never responded to my email.  Later, I found out that on Google search I am not the only victim in this kind of incident.


Google Adsense

In the beginning, I applied to Google Adsense and got accepted with my first domain name (  I was so happy as I heard that it was not easy to get accepted. Then, I changed the first domain name to  Later, with the advice from a popular blogger, I changed my domain to

As one of my online friends told me that I needed more images on my blog posts, I thought that inserting some ad units might be a good thing to do so.  When I was about to add Adsense code to my blog, I found out that I needed to submit an application for each website.  Unfortunately, I heard a piece of bad news from Adsense.

Google said my blog was full of copied content from other sites, so I decided to delete all the ones that could not pass the check of  I also learned that I needed to have a privacy page on my blog, so I did it also.  However, Google Adsense kept saying that I have scraped content on my website.  As I believed that I have deleted all the posts with a problem, I decided to apply to  Finally, I got accepted in less than 5 hours.

As the DA of went up and went down for several times, I switched back to  After this change, my blog got accepted by Google Adsense.  It is a piece of good news for me.   I think has been blocked by Google for some reason.

Scraped content

I have been hiring freelanced writers to do some of my longer posts as I did not have the time to do so. While I did check their writings, I still have problems catching up all the copied materials from other sites. As a result, I needed to throw all of those posts away and lost most of my investment. It is a good lesson to learn. From now on, I will do my own posts. If I need anyone to help, I will only hire native speakers to do editing on my posts.


Happy Learning Moments


Keywords Are Important


Keywords are important as they can enable a new visitor to find your blog.  Also, you have to decide what keywords are written in your blog post.  Do not write too many keywords in your post.   If you choose a highly competitive keyword, your blog might never be found by your visitors.  This is the time you need to pay a professional to find a particular keyword for you.  I am still learning about keywords and SEO in particular by watching YouTube videos.


Helps Offered Online


I found out the importance of having a Paypal account.  As long as you have it, you can pay for someone online to do a variety of work for you.  I have been hiring people from Freelancer, Fiverr, and seoclerks.  I have paid for backlinks built, articles, Facebook likes, Twitter followers increased, Pinterest followers, social signal shares,  and Youtube video creation service.  So far the most successful is to ask someone to write blog posts for my blog.   Just to remember, you only release the payment if you are happy about the work they do for you.  If you release the payment too early, you will not be able to get a refund for it.

Page Downloading Speed


I found that solving problems is not as complicated as one might expect.  My blog was first hosted in Awardspace, but after a while, I found that the page download speed was too slow.  I then decided to move my blog to a premium host.  After some search, I found Fastcomet.  There is a feature that can enable your website speed.  The speed of my blog has been down from 8 seconds to 3 seconds.  That is important as if you have a slow loading website, many visitors will leave your site, and never visit your site again.

Currently, I am thinking about changing my hosting to Siteground as I heard that Siteground is the fastest web hosting off all.


My English Is Not Too Bad After All


I have hired so many English native speakers to write my lengthy blog posts on best RC crawlers, and on many occasions, I have to do a lot of editing as they love to write in fragments with grammatical errors.  Anyway, it is a good opportunity for me to improve my English. Now, I am using Grammarly to check my content.  It is a very useful tool for editing.  Practices make perfect after all.


How to promote your blog on the Facebook page


After watching a Youtube video, I have learned that Facebook does not like any post that links to outside website.  To get around that, you can post images.  On that image, you can type in the URL of your website.  Also, in the comment section, you can post your like there.  I tested this strategy, and it is semi-successful.  Many people viewed my images, but there are not many visitors to my blog.  I might have made some mistake.

After nice months, I have a Facebook group of 1030 members now.  It is good as I can promote my blog in my own group.


I have learned ……


As I will keep updating this post, I am not going to write a conclusion.  Still, I do want to say something I learn from blogging.  In the beginning, you will have very few visitors to your blog, less than 10 people in a day, possible.  In order to grow your blog properly, you have to build up your content first.  Then, you have to be patient for the first six months.

[bctt tweet=”Making shortcut usually is a bad idea.  Only After hard work, you begin to receive more steady Google organic traffic that is where your gold comes in.  ” username=”Antonio38308505″]


Thanks for reading


Written by Carlos Santos, your webmaster


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