JJRC M05 Almost Crash Proof RC Helicopter Review

JJRC M05 is an excellent RC helicopter for absolute beginners.

The JJRC M05 does not fly well in the wind that has a speed of over 15kph.  However, a beginner will crash his helicopter less often due to higher precise control.   Also, the JJRC M05 is controlled by a 2.4ghz system so it can fly outdoor if the wind speed is around 14 kph.  As its size is not too small to fly – its length is 345mm, and height is 108mm; in general, it can fly for about 15 minutes.

It is also crash-proof.  After several crashes, my helicopter still can fly very well.  You can check it out by watching the practice video below.  I believe that it is a must for an absolute beginner just like me.  Its part availability is good too, so you can repair it easily.

While the JJRC M05 has a good capability of flying, it is not expensive at all.  You can get it on eBay for under $60.



I am practicing with my JJRC M05 inside a public parking lot.


Take a close look at my flying JJRC here.



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