Is the 4×4 RC Mini Crawler Worth Buying? Here’s a Detailed Full Review!

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Is the 4×4 RC mini crawler worth buying? here’s a detailed full review!

Recently the majority of people prefer to buy Micro crawlers instead of regular crawlers which are much bigger compared to the Micro Crawlers. The major reason might be that these little monsters can run anywhere, even inside your home.  These micro crawlers come with many interesting and amazing features!

They have features like sturdy suspension system, heavy-duty drive chain, they’re always ready to go and smash the track! Out of the box, the only thing you need is a set of 4AA batteries to power it up.  A LIPO is usually included in the box.

RGT 1/24 scale 4WD micro crawler is also one of them.  It is a value for money product as it is available at an affordable price of under $150.  Today we are going to explore this awesome product and find out if it’s worth buying or not!

So let’s take an overview of this product and know some of the interesting features it includes.

Out of The Box Contents

After buying this product you’ll get the following items out of the box.

  • A user manual with all of the instructions on how to assemble/disassemble the whole body.
  • A same exact 2.4Ghz radio controller which comes with ECS models. (It only needs 4pcs of AA batteries)
  • The 1/24 mini crawler chassis which is just like a big 1/10 scx10 but a smaller one!
  • The main chassis is made of steel also! It is very important for rough usage.
  • A charger for charging your 3.7 volts 500 mAh battery.
  • You’ll get the main gearbox along with all the electronics assembled at one place so they can fit in easily.
  • First, do not take away the screw attached to the battery compartment door as it is not used to tighten that door.
    Instead, it is there to hold the batteries inside your controller.  What a strange design!



Its limitation in Usage

This mini crawler is not as powerful as its big brothers, so you are not able to run it over the harshest terrains.  However, it is good for driving inside or around your home.  You can build your own tracks and drive it over them.

Although it’s smaller compared to other normal RC crawlers it’s ready to hit the track anytime you want!

You can set the track in various parts of your house like back yard of your house, in the bedroom, or even in the kitchen also. You’ll just have to set the track and start crawling!

Thus, it is perfect for home usage.  If you do not know if you want an RC crawler, you should start with this one.

Feature Rich Micro Crawler

This micro 1/24 scale crawler comes with all of those features which are available in popular 1/10 RC crawler rigs. Now let’s take a closer look at those features which are provided within this package.

  1. Outstanding build quality and design.
  2. Powerful servo installed on the chassis.
  3. This model is really easy to customize and adjust it as you want!
  4. Complete steel chassis
  5. This mini RC crawler is ready to hit the tracks out of the box!
  6. Proper arrangement of electronic components.
  7. Powerful coil sprung system for an excellent performance.
  8. Awesome 4-wheel drive system for better controllability.
  9. The main drive shaft is based on a telescopic system.
  10. Sturdy build material used in the manufacturing process
  11. High-quality gear system in both the rear and front axles.
  12. Best choice for any age group.

These features are enough for anybody who is looking to have fun on a smaller scale of the track with 1/24 micro crawlers.

Powerful 4WD Mechanism

4WD also known as the 4-wheel drive system is very useful in different situations. so you’ll be able to control all of the four wheels at the same time.  As a result, controllability of the crawler significantly increases.

This 1/24 scale mini monster truck comes with a front and rear sturdy axles 4WD system which could be beneficial for you when using on different terrains. by controlling both the axels you’ll be able to produce enough power at forehand and backhand both the sides.

Because of this powerful axle mechanism, this 1/24 mini crawler is a beast when it comes to generating maximum torque and better drive capability for intense usage! While both of the axles are connected with the main gear system you get full control over them.

Precise Throttle and Powerful Steering

High-quality Throttle and steering is the most relevant and important feature these days in RC rock crawlers. Just like Most of the 1/24 micro crawlers this adventurer 1/24 scale micro crawler also comes with proportional throttle and steering.

This kind of throttle and steering mechanism are very useful when going at low speeds and take some sharp turns while tackling inclines and descents. The powerful 4WD mechanism comes handy when doing such tasks.

Battery Performance

The battery provided in this complete set is a 500mah LIPO battery which is really powerful and could provide you plenty of run time for sure (at least 40 minutes)! These batteries are easy to charge or replace when you need more power for your runs.

Usually, these batteries provided along with the main product are lightweight and long-lasting also! It should be able to last for 2 or 3 years before you need to get a new one.

Powerful Suspension System

When talking about off-road RC crawlers the suspension system is a really important factor for sure. Because these mini trucks are not built for usage on normal terrains instead they are made for rough usage and producing more power.

While using them on off-road courses it’s mandatory to have a flexible but strong suspension system to support the whole truck body when it hits the ground from high areas.

This RGT 1/24 scale RC crawler comes with a coil sprung suspension system via the multi-link design. Which is considered to be enough for providing excellent performance when hitting your off-road tracks!

The coil sprung suspension system is really good when it comes shock absorbance in the testing period of this product we found this suspension system really sturdy which literally absorbs every shock and reduces the chances of damaging your whole truck body!

High-quality Wheels

The set of wheels provided in this RGT 1/24 scale mini crawler are quite soft compared to other 1/24 mini crawlers available in the market. It provides more flexibility and better grip on the surface.

In spite of being soft, they are sturdy enough to handle your intense off-road usage. While the tires being soft it’ll also help the suspension system in shock absorbance.

Front-end Lights

This model of 4×4 micro crawler comes with a lighting system installed at the front-end which is not available in most of the models.

The combo of these red LED lights looks really awesome in low-light and could be really helpful while practicing/playing with your mini truck at night times.

My Opinion:

So in my point of view, there are many 1/10 and 1/24 micro crawlers are available in the market but if you want to buy a 1/24 scale mini crawler truck then this could be the best you can find in the market because of its amazing performance and features at an affordable price.

Although This is an RC 1/24 scale off-road mini crawler it’s almost the same as a 1/10 scale mini crawler along with steel chassis and 4WD system.

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