Is RC Car Racing a Sport or Hobby? Everything Explained!

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Sport or Just Hobby

Hey, everyone, I hope your RC car activities are going smooth.   There is confusion in everyone’s mind for a long time! that Is RC car racing a sport or a hobby? honestly speaking, it’s still not declared as a sport in its traditional sense. So today in this article we will find out whether RC car racing is a sport or just a hobby?

But is there any criteria or some specific rules for considering something like a sport? Absolutely! So if RC car racing meets the criteria then it can be considered as a legal sport. let’s find out what it is.

When Something Is Considered As A Sport

The world of sports is full of enjoyment and amazing experiences but it’s a sad truth that today’s generation is not much attracted to sports activities. Instead, they are wasting the majority of their time in the usage of android phones, browsing the internet and using social media all the time.

Now some serious consequences arise from this behavior like illness, physical weakness, mental disorder, etc. So everyone should at least exercise 3 times a week or take part in any type of sports activity to keep your mind and body healthy!

But when an activity is considered as a sport? According to, the definition of sport is something like this:

“an athletic activity requiring skills or physical powers and often of a competitive nature, like baseball, wrestling, tennis, golf, racing, bowling, fishing, boxing, hunting, shooting, etc.”

According to these parameters RC car racing can be considered as a legal sport.  Some of the RC cars can run at a speed well over 100 KPH so you need excellent hand-eye coordination to be a very good racer.  Also, most of the time, you can to stand for the whole duration of the racing time.   In fact, you can make your career in this field! because there are so many people who are racing with RC cars professionally!

Professional RC Racing

When it comes to professional RC racing it’s not like you just walk in and start racing because it requires practice and skills to properly handle those high-ticket RC cars.

For professional RC car racing, you have to buy the kit version of the cars and assemble every single piece by yourself. Don’t worry, with the manual provided, you better understand your car and fix any broken parts or damaged ones.

What’s Included In An RC KIT?

An RC car kit contains everything from the user manual to the car’s body and every other component. But it’s a little bit costlier compared to normal RTR RC cars.

When you get the KIT version of your RC car you need to build your car from scratch. You can easily buy a KIT if you want from a shop in which you will get all the components you need but none of them will come assembled.  From this kit, you can learn the necessary skills for setting your car properly.  In my blog, you can find many tips on how to set your car right.

The following things are included inside every RTR (ready to run) car you buy. (items may vary depending upon your model and type of car)

  • Tires
  • User Manual Guide
  • Suspension System
  • Transmitter & Receiver
  • Main Body which is usually unpainted
  • Other Internal Components
  • Spare Parts

So if you have enough money and want to create your career in RC car Professional racing then it’s the best choice for you!

You can still join private tournaments held by various companies and organizations to show off your RC racing skills.

RC Racing As A Hobby

Everyone likes to play with RC cars in their childhood but only a few of them play with RC cars after growing up. Well, the people who like RC cars and enjoy playing with them after growing up are known as RC hobbyists.

There are lot’s of RC car hobbyists out there who like to spend their time with RC cars for fun and enjoyment! So it’s a quite popular hobby among everyone.

Doing RC car racing as a hobby doesn’t require any special skills or anything like that because you are doing it just for fun. As a beginner, you can start with a medium-sized RTR(ready to run) which is not much expensive.

What’s Included In A RTR?
  • The Main RC car itself
  • A Set Of Powerful Batteries
  • High-Quality Charger
  • Radio (Transmitter)
  • User Manual Guide

You can practice every day with it and sharpen your skills for driving it at high speeds and taking sharp turns. In case if you want to change your mind and go into professional RC racing then you should seriously consider upgrading this RTR RC car.  While upgrading your RC car, you will learn how to set it up properly to make it run better.  Thus, when you pick your RTR, you need to check if it has lot of option parts in the market.

As a beginner, you should start with RTR (ready to run) models instead of KITs because it is a bit difficult to figure out everything by yourself when assembling various components of the RC KIT.

You can get used to the components and the functionality of your RC car easily by playing with it, daily and exploring new things every day.

If you are interested in getting your first RC car, you should read this post before spending a dime on it.

Difference Between Professional Racing And Hobby Racing

Both of them may seem similar but they are not. Because of various criteria for each of them. The professional RC car racing conducts the same process as real car racing but on a smaller scale.

For example, in a real car racing, you have to fine-tune the whole car and do preparations, manage spare parts, etc. The same goes for professional RC car racing.

While on the other hand, hobby racing doesn’t require that much preparation and attention because you are doing it for fun so you can race anytime, anywhere you want!

Another thing which differs is the price range of both the RC car types. If you plan to buy a professional RC car racing kit then it will be more expensive compared to hobby grade RC car.  You should be ready to pay about at least $500 – $600 for all the things you need.

But why should you go through all of this? because if you want to know whether RC car racing is a sport or a hobby? then acquiring the knowledge about both the types is mandatory.

RC car racing falls under both the categories sport and hobby because it depends upon a particular person’s point of view. Whether he/she sees it as a sport or a hobby.

For someone who races in tournaments and practice regularly, it’s a sport. While a person who just does RC racing for fun and enjoyment it’s a hobby.


As RC car lovers we should try our best to declare the RC car racing as a legal sport not only because there are so many people who want to create a career in this field.

But also because there are already so many tracks built all around the world for professional RC racing and people are already doing RC racing professionally!  It is much healthier than playing with your smartphone all the time.

Thanks for reading this post. Hope you enjoy reading it.
Written by Sidharth Kushvah
Edited by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.

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