Ways to Waterproof an RC Crawler


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How can I put my RC crawler under water?

Rock crawlers are the perfect examples of monster trucks that are often driven in mostly tough terrains which may include small rivers with running waters and rocky mountains. These rock crawlers as the name depicts are superb rock climbing automobiles which are operated by the means of a battery and electronic system that can be seriously damaged by any accidental contact of water.

How to protect our best RC crawler from water

Rock crawlers are examples of technological advancements in toy remote controlled cars that were developed by some of the world’s leading economies which include Japan, China, and the USA. These world’s leading economies were among the pioneering countries of this great human invention. Though Rock Crawlers were built to be tough and rugged, one of the greatest challenges facing the invention is driving it across surfaces with water running through it.

Running water poses a threat to Rock Crawlers majorly because of the electrical parts of the automobile. These electrical parts are not friendly with water because when they eventually come in close contact with water they stop functioning almost immediately. This scenario is a concern for most owners of rock crawlers, there has to be a way of making it safe to drive in such weather condition. This now calls for waterproofing.

Take the steps to waterproof our best RC crawler

Waterproofing the electrical parts of a Rock Crawler is a sure way of protecting it when it is driven through running water. To waterproof a Rock Crawler requires you to follow certain steps closely. The accompanying paragraphs will lay out these required steps for waterproofing a Rock Crawler.

The first method we will be talking about is the Plastic-dip method. The items needed for this method are a plastic dip and a thin metal wire.

  • The thin metal wire should be attached on the top of a battery. The metal wire should be strong enough to uphold the weight of the battery, you should also ensure that the wire can be removed after the process is completed.
  • After completing step one, you can proceed to submerge the battery into the plastic dip. When submerging it into the plastic dip, make sure it is fully covered after which you raise the battery and give the plastic some time to dry.
  • The next step is to repeat the process of dipping the battery into the plastic for about three more times. Make sure you created a place in the plastic dip for the wires of the battery.  Here you need to use your creativity to decide how to solve this problem.  You might get some hint by watching the video presented below as it presents another solution to this problem.
  • The last step after completing the above steps is to remove the thin metal wire that was attached to the battery at first.

Solved by our common sense and creativity

The plastic-dip method is not the only way you can use to waterproof a Rock Crawler.   There is a balloon method where you make use of a medium-sized balloon and two zip ties.  You should not use this method for any high powered system due to cooling difficulty.  There are many methods you can use to waterproof your system; just use your common sense and creativity.  For more information, you can watch the videos below.

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