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One Thing You Really Need to Protect Your RC Crawler?


The first step for modification

After we receive our RC crawling jeep and drive it off-road for a while, we might notice that there is a need to improve our jeep. There are several options, such as changing a more powerful motor, a more durable chassis, metal gears or giant tires. Replacing all these can be costly. However, even you do not want to spend any extra money after buying your jeep, there is one thing you must add to your RC crawling jeep. That is a pair of protective skid plates.

The importance of having a pair of skid plates

AX10’s front and rear axles are made of plastics. Whenever it runs over rocks, these parts can be damaged easily. With a pair of skid plates installed for protection, you are free from worries. You can enjoy driving your RC crawling jeep. We must remember that without the protective skid plates, the axles can touch the rocks when the jeep crawls over them; these part can get damaged easily.

Even though you are not planning to do any modification to your RC crawling jeep, adding a pair of skid plates can become important. if you are a frequent rock crawling driver, you will know what I mean.

I hope you will enjoy driving your RC crawling jeep!


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