Pick a Motor for My Axial Truck

Driving Your Crawler on rocky roads as the source for your excitement

As soon as you get one of these 1/10 RC trucks from Axial, you will find out that you will never get tired of it. If it is ready-to-run, you can drive it at once.  I don’t think you can put it aside for a while as it is a beast in the wild.  While you can get a lot of excitement from it, this truck can test your skills on how to use your hands to do fixing and upgrading.  As you can see, it is much better than playing with your phone.

Watch a YouTube video – a crawler in the off-road muddy terrain.

A 1/10 RC crawling truck is always upgradable

After driving your 1/10 RC truck for a while, you can always roll up your sleeves and upgrades your truck with option parts such as replacing connection links, a body shell, a set of aluminum wheels and a motor.  Then you will have a brand new truck again!

For example, you can replace the original plastic connection links with the longer aluminum ones to extend the wheelbase to 313mm, so that you can use a jeep body shell for your RC truck.  Moreover, you can use a set of aluminum wheels to make your truck more stable while running.  Finally, to enable the crawling ability, you can replace a more powerful motor.

By doing all these, you will not get bored with it as the performance of your truck has just improved upon the recent upgrades.  Before even realizing it, you have just become your own car mechanic!

You also will find a lot of parts on eBay to upgrade this RC truck; here is a list of parts available on eBay. 

Different crawling trucks need different motor setup

The first thing you might want to upgrade is the motor.  Axial produces different lines of RC trucks.  They include rock crawlers and rock racers.   If you choose the RTR version, you will get a different motor set up for your purchase.  However, if you plan to upgrade your truck, you can continue reading.

For the Rock Racers, you can use a brushed or brushless motor.  For a brushed motor, you can pick one with a turn count between 12T to 27T.  The lower the turn count, the faster the motor runs, but with lower torque.  For the stock ESC AE-5 (brushed only), if you are planning to power up your RC truck with 2S LIPO, you can choose a motor with the turn counter down to 12T.   For 3S LIPO, you should not choose a motor with a turn count not lower than 18T.  If you use a brushless motor, you should pick one that has around 3300KV or higher for the high speed generated.  The higher the KV rating a motor has, the lower the torque it generates.  You should consider the balance between speed and the power to crawl.

For the RC rock crawlers, you usually will use a brushed motor.  Although you can pick a brushless motor, it is not necessary.  For higher crawling ability, you can consider using a motor with a turn count such as 35T, 55T, and 80T.  As the turn count goes up, the generated torque goes up, but the motor runs slower.  The slowest motor is the one with the highest turn count.  If you really want to use a brushless motor, you should pick one that less than 3000KV for the torque it can generate.

Here is a Youtube video showing how slow an RC crawler is running if it has a motor with a turn count of 80T

For a brushless motor, you need to purchase a brushless ESC.  Usually if you want to use a 3S LIPO, you should use an ESC that has over 80A.

With the above observation, make sure that you know the type of truck you are getting.  For a rock crawler, you should not pick a high-speed motor.  On the other hand, for a rock racer, you should not pick a high torque motor.

Upgrading to a carefully selected motor can greatly bring up the performance of an RC car.  With a limited budget and space availability in a modern home,  we probably should just replace the current motor instead of buying another new truck.

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