How to Pick Your Best RC Crawler

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If you are just thinking about getting into RC cars, come to read this post first. Otherwise, you will gain a lot of benefits by continue reading the following post.

This post is going to discuss the essential components of the best RC crawler and then help you to find it on the market.  If you have an RC crawler to sell, you might also find my post helpful.

RC rock crawler is becoming a fast trend for many people. They may be cheap or expensive but serve their primary purpose – crawling a pile of big and small rocks. Not everyone knows the importance of rock crawler. In this article, you will learn what an RC rock crawler is, important features of the rock crawler, and things to consider when buying an RC rock crawler. Furthermore, we will look at how to buy and sell your used RC rock crawling jeep. Finally, you will know where to sell or buy used RC truck without stress.

What is the Best RC Rock Crawler?

Simply from the name, one could understand what the best RC rock crawler for beginners is. Well, if you are like those who haven’t heard about it, don’t worry because you are in the right place. From the suggestion of the name, it is a car specifically designed to climb rocks and rough terrains, which other RC off-road cars don’t have the capacity to handle. These cars make it easier to climb obstacles, scale rocks, and tackle any tricky terrain without stress. The capabilities of what they can do aren’t limited to this alone but they do move at a slow space irrespective of the kind of terrain they are being used on. Unlike other types of RC vehicles, rock crawler is barely appropriate for high-speed racing or other related activities.

Types of  RC Rock Crawlers

Throughout the years, rock crawling has grown to include not just crawling rock piles. However, today, when you hear of “crawler”, it is a term that encompasses rock racers, rock crawlers, and trail rigs. Unlike the rock racers, rock crawlers aren’t fast. In the use of RC rock crawler, high running speed is not the priority. Before going further, it is important to note that there is a sizeable difference between each RC crawler. Therefore, if you are a novice in rock crawling vehicles, don’t make the mistake of taking any crawling jeep for serious climbing. No matter what you may think RC rock crawlers are, one thing is certain, they are not meant for high-speed racing but can be used for any terrain such as streams, snow, cliffs, sands, and rocks. Perhaps you are looking for a vehicle with speed; crawler is no go area for such.

If you want an RC crawler that can run and crawl, then you should consider getting a rock racer.  Here is a post about the best rock racer in the market.  In fact, rock racer is similar to an RC buggy, but with higher crawling ability.  Here is another post that compares RC buggies with rock racers.

Best RC Rock Crawler for Beginners (eBay):

For experienced drivers (eBay):

Features of RC Rock Crawlers

For crawling ability, an RC rock crawler is the one to get.  Before buying an RC rock crawler, it is important to know certain features of the vehicle.


You will need a good power system if you want your RC rock crawler to climb rocks well. You have a choice between a brushed motor and a brushless motor. Usually, a brushless motor provides more power but is at a higher price. The gears are also very important. Normally, it comes with two gears, the pinion, and the spur. Additionally, these two gears are of different size to help improve power. The greater the ratio of the gear formed by the size difference, the higher the RC rock crawler power and the lower its speed. For more information about this topic, you can click here for gear mesh.  You can read this post to find out how to turn an RC car with a brushed motor into one with a brushless system.

High Clearance:

This is the most significant feature of the rock crawlers. You won’t want the chassis of your vehicle to get in contact with rocks while riding neither do you want to see the truck tipped over. Consequently, the truck requires perfect balancing when you consider clearance. Therefore, the lower the center of gravity of the RC Rock crawler, the better it will be. The low center of gravity will enable you to climb rocks without risking its balance and tipping over.

Tires and Rims:

The tires of the crawler must be soft having deep treads. Additionally, it’s important to ensure the tires and rims are glued together to withstand the stress from the rock. Usually, the larger the diameter of a tire, the higher its ability to climb. Come to this post for more information about tires


While climbing rocks, an RC rock crawling jeep will turn and twist. This is why a soft suspension is essential. Having the best suspension system will mean that your truck will stay stable while the tires stay in contact with the bumps and terrain.  For durability, you might consider buying an RC jeep with shocks made of aluminum material.

Steering System:

For rock crawling, you should consider buying a high torque servo with waterproof feature. Any servo with 20 – 30 kg torque should be good enough for regular crawling. Here is a post about how to make your RC car run straight.

Driving System:

Rock crawlers can come in 2WD and 4WD. The difference between them is that the 2WD are those, which are powered only by the two wheels. On the other hand, the 4WD means all of the wheels are powered. The 2WD are usually used for on-road RC cars and entry-level off-roaders whereas the 4WD is better for RC rock crawling jeeps. Another basic difference is that 2WD requires little maintenance, unlike the 4WD that requires more maintenance. A 4WD jeep can have easy maneuver and better traction.

4X4 System

You might also want to know what 4×4 system is.


Another important feature to check is the scale, which refers to the size of a rock crawler. An average scale is 1/8 and 1/10. The larger their size is, the better their ability to crawl.

Nitro vs. Electric RC Rock crawlers:

Electric crawlers will be perfect for beginners because it uses a rechargeable battery with the capacity to last almost 20 minutes. However, if you are thinking of using it for few hours, consider taking additional batteries. This is the disadvantage but is compensated by no noise. The speed for the electric crawler is around 10 to 20 KM/H. On the other hand, Nitro RC rock crawlers offer higher speed and high power. The nitro crawler, if you don’t know, is a gasoline type. However, the downside of choosing nitro crawler is that it makes a lot of noise.

Ready to run (RTR) vs. Kit:

The basic difference is that with the kit you set up the crawler on your own. The kit is ideal for fanatics who want to build up their RC cars on their own. You can pick your own electronic system for this car. However, not everyone can be patient and have the skill to build it up from scratch. Many beginners need step by step tutorial on learning how to paint a Lexan body.

Here is a post to find out more about the differences between RTRs and Kits.


There are brushed and brushless motors available on the market. The brushed motors comprise a negative and positive brush, which transfer power to the truck motor. Many people go for the brushed motors because it is cheap; however, the downside is that they don’t last long and are not efficient. The brushless motors, on the other hand, don’t need a commutator. They are efficient, fast, and hardly require maintenance. However, unlike the brushed motor, the brushless motor is expensive.  Both of these types of motors can have a waterproof feature.

Things to Consider Before Buying an RC Rock Crawler for Beginners

Budget: Before thinking of buying an RC rock crawling jeep, you must consider your budget. This is paramount when considering the options available. You should expect to pay around $200 for an RC jeep made in China.  On the other hand, for an American RC jeep,  you have to pay a price of about $300 to $400.


Building and fixing a crawler might be difficult, which is why when buying an RC rock crawling jeep, you must consider your expertise – novice or professional.


There are many different types of RC off-road cars on the market.  You must decide if you want an RC car to be used in your backyard or rocky terrains.  Having enough space for running the car is also necessary.  Thus, you have to think carefully before getting one.  For example, if you want to have an RC jeep that can run and crawl according to different road conditions, you might want to consider rock racer.

When was the car first available in the market

If a model car you are going to buy is widely available in the market, you should be able to find parts for repairing or modifying that car. However, if it is not, or has been discontinued by its manufacturer, you will have a hard time to find a part to fix it. Without a certain part, you will be forced to put your car aside and buy another one.

Tips on how to buy a used RC rock crawler

Buying a used RC rock crawling isn’t an easy task. If you are a beginner, this could even get worst. However, this post will expose something on how to buy a used truck without jeopardizing your money or efforts. Without further ado, let us share the vital tips to help you get the best buy.

Buying a used RC car is a good idea if you can get it for a good price with careful inspection of the car.  If possible, you should only buy a used RC car from a person you know well.

Research. Research. Research. This is very important because everything hangs on this. Look at the last auctions on the RC car you want to buy on eBay. Check what the prices were and if you require a truck with a nitro engine, you must dig deep in your research.

Once you have made the necessary research, look at the difference between the new and used RC truck to know what the price difference is. When checking the price, also consider the shipping fees. Additionally, take emotion out of you setting the price.

Make a list of upgrades on the RC jeep that you want. Look for a car that has the needed upgrades.

The value of the RC car will drop. Therefore, when you buy an RC jeep, you don’t expect the value to be high rather it will be low. Note that because a car has lots of upgrades on it or has shining parts doesn’t mean it will worth more when compared to a new car.

Look for extra things such as radio and charger. Electric RC rock crawling jeep is better off because they don’t get spoilt faster.

Don’t get caught in the shiny parts unless you want to have something that is so rare finding in the market. Ensure you ask for relevant pictures if it is not included.

Look at every area of the RC jeep. Look at the hinged pin in between parts and pieces to ensure it is clean. If it is clean, it is usually well maintained by the user. In this situation, it will be a good buy for you.

If you decide to buy Nitro RC rock crawling instead of electric, you must be ready to face any defect. Note that nitro engines are not normally well maintained. It doesn’t matter what the person selling it says. As a buyer, you can’t see the tune performed on the car with Nitro engine.

Don’t buy an RC rock crawling jeep because of its body. Instead of looking at the body, your focus should be on the parts.

Tips on how to sell a used RC Rock Crawler

Selling a used RC rock crawling jeep is similar to when you buy a used jeep. However, there is a certain distinction.

First thing first, take emotion out of selling your used RC rock crawling jeep. You may love the truck so much that you want to increase the value and this may hinder the selling process. Therefore, take emotion out.

Never take away the place of research. Before selling it, find out what people want in such a model. You can go to eBay and get this information.

To set the price, take the average price of the last 10 to 20 RC rock car sold. You can also check RC forums to get the price range. Remember a high price will chase away potential buyers. Once you have gathered the necessary information on the price, you can now set your own price.

If your RC rock crawl jee has its paperwork (manual and part list), ensure you get them prepared. The paperwork can help increase the value of your truck when selling it.

Take enough pictures of your truck. Take roughly 50 pictures and select the best 20. Ensure to take a shot of every dimension. You can also create a video of the truck in such a way that will appease your potential buyers.

Write a good description of your RC jeep. Use your words wisely. Avoid grammatical and spelling errors. Entice your prospective buyers. Be persuasive and yet polite.

Tips for taking your selling action:

Do your research when you want to sell your used RC rock truck. Go in with the right mindset and pricing. You won’t want to undersell your truck. Get proper information and take emotions out of it. Remember if your buyer trusts you, they will pay more for the crawler. It is essential that you be honest with your buyer if you know that the jeep has some broken parts.

Where to buy and sell an RC Rock Crawler for Beginners

There are numerous places to either buy or sell your used RC Rock crawling jeep. However, not all of these places are secured. Nevertheless, the most popular places where most people buy and sell their used rock crawling jeep is on Craigslist, eBay or RC forums. It is also advisable to do your research before selling or buying your used jeep especially if you want to do it through RC forums. Furthermore, if you think you are not ready to buy a used rock crawler and wants something new, the best place could be Amazon. There you will see reviews of previous buyers and their opinion of an RC rock crawling jeep.


Buying or selling your best RC crawler should not be a decision you want to take lightly. For those buying an RC car, it is a good idea if you can get a hobbyist to buy it for you at a reasonable price. Besides this, the hobbyist can inspect the car, ensuring everything is intact. If you are a novice, get a professional to sell your car. No matter the situation, you deserve to get a good bargain whether you are selling or buying an RC rock crawling jeep. Happy Crawling Competition!!!

Even you just play RC cars for fun, it is still an excellent alternative to playing with your smartphone.

Will you buy a new or used RC crawler?

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