How Can We Make Our RC Car Faster?

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To Improve The Speed Of Your RC Cars

There are lots of different things to keep in mind when it comes to improving the speed of your RC cars.

Today we are going to discuss some of these tips and tricks for outperforming other cars on the race track!  This post is for any hobbyist seeking for speeding up their RC cars.

However, instead of reading the following tips, you can also watch how to increase the performance of an RC car on YouTube.

Use Bearings In All Of The Wheels And In The Gearbox.

Some people will suggest that to save time and money, you can just install bearings in the wheels, but to get the full benefits from bearings, you need to insert all the bearings in all the places that require them.  It is one of the reasons why you should build your RC car yourself.  by doing so, you can insert the bearings in its proper positions as you build your racer.  For the ready-to-run RC car owners, although installing bearings in the wheels and inside the gearbox means you need to take apart your RC car, it is worthy.

As not all bearings are created equal, I use only high-quality ones such as the ones from Tamiya.  There are also many popular brands such as Boca bearings and Traxxas.  The higher quality bearings are more durable, so while you need to spend more to acquire them, you actually can save money.

Another thing to remember is that you need to check the required sizes of the bearings for your particular RC cars.  Otherwise, they will not fit in your car.  Ask the person who sells the RC car to you.

Adjust The Gear Ratio

It is the most effective, easiest, and cheapest way to bring up the speed of your RC car.

To increase the speed of your RC cars, you can adjust the gear ratio – using the different combinations of gears. You can set up the gearing easily if you have basic knowledge about how to assemble your RC car.

In general, using a bigger motor gear (pinion) or smaller spur gear, you can bring up the top speed significantly.  (up to 10% to 30%)

Because by adjusting the gear ratio of your RC cars you can control how power is transferred to the wheels of your RC car at a time.  Here is a post about gear mesh for your RC car.

Do not worry, because you can always use the user-manual guide provided along with the RC car to adjust anything according to your requirements.  If you do not have access to your manual, you can search Google for it.  You might be able to find one online.

Change The Tires

Now coming to our next method, using the right tires is essential for bringing up the speed of an RC car.

First, replacing worn-out tires can help you increase the speed of your RC cars. Tires play an important role in providing the required grip for more speed and acceleration to your RC car.

With accessive usage, your tires may worn-out quickly and may not be able to provide enough traction on the surface. That will result in less speed and acceleration of your RC car.  So changing your old tires with new ones is a good idea that can improve the performance and speed both.

Second, using the appropriate type of tires for a particular RC car is also essential.  For example, for an off-road RC car running in sand, pairs of tires designed for that purpose are always necessary.  Without the right tires, your RC car might not be able to run well.

You can visit any nearest RC hobby shops to get the best tires for your RC car.  If you do not have a set of the appropriate tires for your RC car, you need to change them.  Here is a post on how to change the tires of your RC car.

Reduce The Weight

Reducing the overall weight of your RC cars can help improve the speed and performance. Because weight balance plays an important role in increasing the speed and acceleration of any RC car.

The lighter your RC car is, the more quickly it will be able to gain speed and maintain that speed easily without much power consumption.

But how can you reduce the weight of your RC cars?

To reduce the weight of the RC cars, you can remove some of the unnecessary parts that are used for decoration purposes only.  You need to understand the functionality of each component and decide which parts to remove.

By removing them you can decrease the workload of the motor that will provide more acceleration and speed to RC car.  Some high-quality aluminum option parts are much lighter than the stock. components.  You should go online to ask for recommendations from other hobbyists.

Upgrade Your Motor

The motor provides the main power source which provides enough torque and power to the wheels. If your motor is not powerful enough then the speed of your RC car can be low when it is compared to other RC cars.  Thus, using a good motor is the key to racing competition.

Upgrading your motor will help your RC car to generate more power while increasing the speed and performance of your RC car. You can use the user-manual guide to replace your old motor with the new powerful motor.

For a brushed motor, try to use one with turns lower than 20T, and for a brushless motor, you should try to get one over 3300 KV.

For finding the best and most powerful motor/servos for your RC cars you can visit any RC hobby store near you, Or use online stores to buy the products you want.

Here is a post about what is needed for upgrading to a more powerful motor.

Upgrade The Batteries

If your RC car has a powerful motor, high-quality wheels but still can’t provide much acceleration then you can try changing the batteries.

Because the capacity of your batteries to provide enough energy to the motor of your RC car will be decreased as time passes. By upgrading your batteries with new ones, you can easily fix the speed issues of your RC cars.

As your motor/servo will receive a consistent stream of energy it will be able to provide power to the tires more quickly. So upgrading your old batteries can be a good choice to increase the speed of your RC cars.

Generally, people will use 2S LIPO (7.4V) to power up their RC car, but on some occasions, people use 3S LIPO (11.1V) to bring up the performance of their RC car.  By doing so, their RC car can be about 30% faster.

Before you decide using 3S LIPO for your RC car, you need to check the working voltage of your ESC to see if it can work with 3S LIPO.  For a 3S LIPO, you should use at least an 80A ESC. (120A is preferred) Otherwise, your ESC can burn out eventually.


It doesn’t matter which type of RC car you have, without proper handling and practicing, gaining more speed while racing will be difficult for you. The practice is one of the major elements to mastering anything.

If you already have a fully upgraded RC car but still can’t hit the max speeds then practicing is the only option you have. With practice, you will learn how to control your RC car during turns and other conditions.

You can look for a place where you can practice daily to improve your skills and understand your RC car in a much better way. After enough practicing, you will gain experience for controlling the speed of your RC cars which is extremely useful during racing.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie or a professional in the RC field. What matters the most is how you treat your RC cars and invest enough time for understanding the basics of it.

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