Give Up Playing With Your Phone For RC Car Racing!

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How A Girl Got Interested in RC Car

On her cell phone, Joey didn’t stop playing the Real Racing game. Joey was always obsessed with it at all times in the morning, at night, at the table, and even sometimes in the bathroom.

Her mother was mad because this young girl neglected her study because of this game.

On one day, Joey went out with her mother, heading to the beach, while Joey was coming out of her house door and concentrating on her phone, hitting her foot in a toy car while Ken-Their neighbor- was playing his favorite RC car.

Then he passed in front of Joey saying sorry and running behind his car with the remote.

Joey smiled because she likes car games a lot, and when she got to the beach while she was eating chocolate and ice cream that she loves and playing her favorite game, she saw Ken running behind his car again playing with it, so she provoked a lot of joy and went to ask Ken about his car and why he was so stuck to it, Ken answered her. It’s a gift from my elder brother and he often plays with one of his friends on weekends to match up with some of the skills and goals. Sometimes they decide to go to the public park for the practicing RC crawling with their cars.

And they are well prepared to contest the mountain slope where most competitors meet.

Joey told Ken, ‘But I also want to share. I want to take part in that contest’.

Unfortunately, I know almost nothing about the RC crawling races or how I can overcome obstacles and traverse rocky roads.

Ken said I’ll let you know more about this game when you come with us. At first just watch our RC crawling races, climbing the slopes, walk on the winding and oblique roads and achieving the required points.

Joey asked her mother to buy her a new car because this hobby surprised her and promised her to be a strong opponent.

Joey used to organize her learning periods with Ken’s participation in the playground and the competition.

Ken was a smart guy who likes to master every move and think intelligently and improves the speed at the exact time that fits the place and the movement of the car from slopes, straight or rocky areas or even to those corridors or courses that he makes for challenging it.a

Playing With RC Car Is Challenging, Fun And Educational

Joey started trying, she failed many times at first, which got her into fear and despair at but Ken kept encouraging her until she felt confident and was usually telling that the constant attempt is the path of success and that we usually learn from failure. Ken encouraged her to do so whenever she fails till Joey has become a high-level expert in the RC racing, she exactly goes beyond obstacles. Her car’s passing through various rocks, various meandering, dramatic curves, and she was able to score excellent points.

When Joey felt fear, Ken used to tell her that “Fear is our Friend because Fear is healthy, fear keeps us alive. Our fear response is an evolved mechanism that serves to deter us from taking unnecessary risk. In extreme sports, like rock crawling participants choose to confront their fears and transcend them, guiding them towards succeeding in the race”. Researchers have found solid evidence that extreme sports and dangerous activities can boost your mental fortitude.

In one of the magnificent competitions of Joey, one of the old Geeks was obsessed with Joey and Ken’s team impressed with their team, their great mastery, their attachment to RC crawling races and then helped them develop their skills.


Competition In Canada

Joy was so happy that they traveled to Canada while their goal was to challenge the snowy places and how they could blend their abilities into the same challenges and ice challenge.

The most exciting thing was that the competitions had some trucks that weren’t easy, but it was fun.

For Joey, it creates a new atmosphere of enthusiasm and suspense for the team in general and for her in particular.

Joey loved it, and I got in the merger more and more, so in one moment she kept staring at Ken in silence, and then he told her what’s up? What happened?

Challenging Is Good

She answers him ‘I think of the most exciting step’, Ken said don’t say trucks mudding!!

She said yes ken! Why not kick up some dirt by driving in the mud? Let’s make it tested to see how the suspension is set up!

For Joey, he has always been ambitious, and she doesn’t like to miss a chance to learn a new skill for RC crawling races, so she decided to go on the mud races and trucks. Joey felt this race was always difficult, and she saw it as a difficult challenge, so she encouraged her team and Ken to take on that exciting experience. To expose the car for rocks, water, and the mud was a vision that Joey could hardly imagine or think to succeed in.

Joey’s variable experiences gave her the brave and desire to take any challenge for seeking her goals and super purposes.

And surely she won’t forget monster trucks!

As Joey described, I love this kind of races very much, especially in moments of enjoyment, because it lends fun, entertainment and challenge at the same time, so in such kind it seems as if you could win everything and gain a lot of points so you go spontaneously and carelessly, but you’d be surprised by unexpected results and crazy straight things that make you laugh a lot and be more careful, so that skill teaches you not to be so young, it may contain what you did not expect.

Joey said ‘Now I realized that the main factor is that we require a challenge in order to enjoy RC’!

As these vehicles offer unique challenges of their own. Rock crawling is a challenging but interesting sport and it is obviously not an easy off-road sport for beginners but, with the right attitude and practice, you can get it easily!