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Electric Buggy (Tamiya) DT-02 for a Speed Run?

In this post, I will list the electronic system I use and a link to my video showing my Tamiya electric buggy.

electric buggy

On this electric buggy, I am using a Hobbywing ESC 60A, a brushless motor, 4370KV, and a 3S LIPO.
Here is the link to order the brushless ESC 60A.  This ESC can easily handle 3S LIPO.  With a 3S, this ESC can run up to a brushless motor of around 4000KV.   Here is the Surpass brushless motor.   These ESC and motor are waterproof so they are excellent choices for an off-road electric buggy.  For the size of the battery holder of DT-02, I use a 3S LIPO of 1500 mah.


To stabilize my electric buggy, I use wheels of extra width.   I chose a set of wheels of 80mm diameter.  To connect these wheels, you will need special connectors for the front wheels.   With these special connectors, you can insert bearings into the front wheels.  For some wheels, you will need to trim the hole of the wheels a little.

The Tamiya special wheel connectors are expensive.  You can get the wheel connectors made by GPM which is much cheaper.

As I am using a very high-speed brushless system for my electric buggy – dt02, I replace the Holiday Buggy body with a LEXAN short course truck body.  Here is the photo and its setup.

DT02 chassis


Watch How My Holiday Buggy Performs



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