Considering Getting a Speedy Rock Racer? Axial AX 90045 Review

Axial AX90045

This is a capable rock racer produced by Axial, an American company. Axial are producing all of its RC crawling jeeps in Taiwan. Axial has slower scaled, and detailed crawlers, more capable rocker racer, and professional rock crawlers. Ax90045 is one of their rock racers. If you like speed and the capability of crawling, you must get this one. This short article is about the pros and cons of this RC crawling jeep.

Should I get AX90045

  • While this RC Crawling jeep has everything made of plastics, it is very durable and light.  In fact, my little jeep bumped into walls several times but nothing got damage so far.
  • This jeep is using a 540 brushed motor, so you are sure that you can replace the brushed motor with a brushless one if you want a more capable RC crawling jeep.
  • This RC car has 4 giant wheels with great articulation so it can climb easily
  • This RC crawling jeep has a lot of optional parts you can use for modification.  When you buy an RC jeep, modifying your jeep is one of the things you should consider doing as it is a lot of fun.  You will believe that you are the mechanic of your very own jeep.  I wrote one article about how to modify your jeep in this blog.
  • You can use 2S or 3S lipo battery for your RC crawling jeep as it is using AE5, a speed control that can handle 3S lipo.  Using 3S lipo makes your RC jeep more capable of handling on rocky roads.
  • For its frame construction,  this RC jeep can run on a beach.   After running it, you can easily clean your car.
  • Ax90045’s body is secured to its frame by 4 screws.  Thus, if you want to get into the electronic system and powerhouse of your RC jeep, it is troublesome.  After each run, when you need to take out your battery for charging, you will have the personal experience with this problem.  It is especially true if you are using 3S lipo as this battery is larger than 2S.
  • The jeep’s turning link is made of plastics, so it is flexible; Servo can lose power for steering in this situation. An RC crawling jeep needs the power to turn in the right direction in a narrow gap between rocks.  Without this power, having  a successful crawling experience is not quite possible.
  • Some hobbyists complain that the plastic shocks are leaking oil, but I have not noticed it.
  • Very few alternatives to the original body due to its especially securing method.  There are very few RC bodies you need to use screws to secure it to the car frame.

I hope this article can help you make a wiser purchasing decision for this RC crawler.


Carlos Santos



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