Choose the Right Tires for RC Crawlers

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Are bigger tires necessary?

The simple answer to this question depends on the road conditions you drive your RC rock crawler in.  While some RC rock crawlers come with 1.9″ tires, others are installed with 2.2″ tires.  Then, which size you should choose for your best RC crawler really depends on what your current objective is.  If you want the scaled look of your RC crawler, you really need 1.9″ tires.  However, it’s just that the smaller the tires you use, the lower your truck’s climbing capacity is.  On the other hand, the bigger tires improve the ability to crawl over rocks.  It is the main objective of driving your RC crawler.

Depending on your current objective.

Those 1.9″ Tires look big but not as big as 2.2″ Tires, which don’t look like the scale at all.  With a set of 2.2″ wheels, your rock crawler will look exactly like a capable monster truck.   Monster trucks are special trucks with a capable suspension, four-wheel steering, and giant tires; they are built for entertainment and competition uses.  Their main objective is not for climbing over rocks.  When you need to choose the right tires for your crawler, you need to know your purpose.

To build a competitive reptile, then you will definitely want to have a set of  2.2″ wheels.  However, with 2.2″ wheels, the center of gravity of your jeep will be even higher and as a result, it might roll over easily as you speed it up.

In that case, you might want to add weights in the lower part of your RC rock crawler to balance out its weight.  To do it, you can use 2.2″ wheels made of metal that adds weight to the lower part of your jeep.  A set of 2.2″ wheels made of aluminum is not cheap.  You can check out the price for a set of aluminum wheels on eBay.

To replace your 1.9″ wheels with 2.2″ wheels, you need to check if your original body shells are not blocking the motion of the rotating wheels.  On the other hand, if the wheels are blocked by the body shell,  you might need to get yourself a pair of scissors to trim the shell a bit.

On the other hand,  if you want to build a scaled RC rock racer, then 1.9s might make your RC crawler look better.  The 1.9″ tires make an RC rock racer more stable for bashing around the beach or dirt roads, in my opinion.

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