Should I Use a Brushless Motor and Lipo Battery for My RC Jeep/Crawler?

Should I use brushless motors and lipo batteries for my RC jeep/crawler?

I am Carlos, a primary school teacher.  RC cars have been my hobby for more than 30 years. I have experience in playing on-road and off-road RC cars. A long time ago, when we talked about off-road racing, we usually mean those radio control cars that can handle sandy and uneven surface with really high speed. In the recent years, there is a new type of superb off-road car; it has a steady (slow) speed but can climb very steep rocky mountains.  These steep mountains are too much for a regular off-road racer to handle.

However, with a background in on-road racing, many hobbyists might not be used to the steady (slow) speed of a powerful crawler. They might lose patient eventually, Then, there might be an urge for them to replace the original motor come with their cars.

However, we must understand that these crawlers are not designed for high speed.  There is a high-speed rock crawler one can buy; it is Yeti from Axial.

Today, in many online shops, they will find many options for upgrading their cars. They can choose from somewhat slower brushed motors (higher torque) to very fast brushless motors.

Brushless system for your crawler?

When they want to upgrade their jeep/truck with a brushless motor with lipo battery, they have to pay extra attention; otherwise, they will overpower their truck; it might roll over easily as the ground clearance for these RC jeeps usually are very high. They might want to add weight to this truck so its total weights are evenly spread; it then can run smoothly.

On the other hand, if they can find an appropriate brushless motor to upgrade their RC jeep, they will have a monster that is powerful enough to handle almost anything in the wild as lower kV can have higher torque with the right gearing (higher voltage). In fact, some hobbyists use 3s batteries with their brushless motors.  The ESC must be at least over 120A.

Brushless motor also has one advantage over the brushed motors; it can enable a crawler run on wet surfaces as they are tightly sealed so it can prevent water from going into the housing can.  Never use a brushed motor for any wet condition as doing so can damage the powerhouse of the crawler.

Thus, while you have to pay a higher price for a brushless system, it is worth noting that with a powerful system, your crawler can turn into a superb beast appropriate for most types of off-road conditions.

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