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What Motors Are in RC Cars?

Brushed vs Brushless Motors

Watch a YouTube video on this topic. 

In this video, you will learn the differences between a brushed system and a brushless system.
When you want to replace your current brushed system to make your RC car more powerful, you not only need to get a brushless motor, but also a brushless ESC and LIPO. After the replacement, you usually make your car run about 30% faster than the current speed of your RC car. Sure, you need to pay more for this more sophisticated system.

One thing got my attention is that you can run your brushless system on an NIMH battery. However, to fully utilize your brushless system, you should buy a more expensive LIPO battery as LIPO batteries are much more powerful. Also, remember, the higher the C rating, the more power it has. For an on-road racer, 100C is a good choice. ESC should have at least 80A to handle 3S LIPO.

Moreover, You need to get a professional charge for this type of battery. IMAX b6 is a good one. You can get one on Remember, do not charge your battery overnight or unattended as it is very unsafe. For a LIPO, it is always a good idea to get a battery bag for it.  LIPOs are explosive and these bags are design to protect you.

If you care about the power of your RC jeep, this is an important topic to know. In brief, the man has covered many areas under this topic in this video. If you are into RC car, you do not want to miss this video.

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