Broken Promise – Z608 (K99) Drone review

Get the cheapest version of this Z608 (K99) drone only if you really want one.

Here are the reasons why:


I tried several times and found out that there is no obstacle avoidance function even after pressing the key on the top left corner. On the transmitter, you will see a label saying that the obstacle avoidance function is only allowed in open space.

You can see this video to find out how this function failed on my drone.

I also found out that the propeller guards cannot be secured.  Unlike many other drones, They are not inserted into the body of the drone. After the failure of the obstacle avoidance function, all the propeller protection guards dropped to the ground.  It proves that the guards provide no protection

I also found out that its zoom-in function is nonexistent, but it is mentioned in advertisements. I ask the seller how to use this function, and according to the seller’s instruction, I put my two fingers together or apart on the phone screen to perform this zoom function, but failed.

My USB failed when I used it the first time.

The English on the manual is very confusing; there is a lot of misinformation.  To bind the drone with your transmitter, you need to push the left stick up and down instead of pushing the left stick to the lower left-hand corner, and the right stick to the lower right-hand corner.

The video quality is not as clear as it is projected on the advertisement.

You will notice you will lose control of this drone if you fly too high and too far.

For my drone, it cannot be reset after the gyro became off-balance after a crash.  A day after the crash, I have lost all control of this drone after I performed the binging procedure according to its manual.

Strong points:

The z608 can fly steadily; it has three 3 speeds and the highest speed is very helpful during windy conditions.

It can perform 3D flying – forward, backward, left, and right rolls.

My Z608 has not broken after a lot of crashes. All parts are attached to their original places. It is very durable; however, its electronic system is a failure.


Get the lowest-priced one and use it for 3D flying and practicing flying orientation only. In my opinion, do not buy off-brand drones even they cost less. They usually do not perform as well as the one projected in the advertisement.

If you also have experience in this drone, share your opinion here.  Thanks




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