Are HSP RC Cars Any Good?

HSP RC off-road cars are powerful and durable. Here are the reasons why you should consider getting one of their great RC cars for the excitement you have been looking for.

Chinese products are so dirt cheap

When we think of Chinese products, we might relate them to low quality and low prices, but in reality, that might not be the fact.  The reason why Chinese products are usually at a lower price is that; Chinese average wages are still low when they are compared to the wages earned by western workers.  Thus, manufacturers are able to lower their manufacturing overhead.  As their overhead is lower, they can lower the prices of their products to compete in the market.

The RC market is very competitive

However, to compete with their western competitors, these Chinese manufacturers have to use higher quality raw materials.  This is, in fact, they usually have to make some clones of famous RC cars as their design expenditure is very low. Stealing other company’s ideas is clearly wrong.  However, from the viewpoint of a consumer with a limited budget, we might want to pay some attention to any RC car made in China.  For these reasons, the quality of these radio-controlled cars is not as bad as we think of.  In fact, many well-known radio-controlled cars are made in China nowadays. Then, why don’t we give Chinese RC cars a chance?

HSP is a famous Chinese RC car company

HSP is a registered company in Hong Kong;  RGT is one of its subsidiaries.  HSP produces and sells entry-level to mid-level RC cars to hobbyists, so their cars are loved by many beginning hobbyists.   These RC products include brushed and brushless on-road cars, off-road cars, and drifters.

Here are some of the RC cars offered by HSP. 

In some American online stores, their prices are usually much higher than the prices charged in China.  Thus, if you have friends in China, Hong Kong, and Macau, and you want to give HSP a try, ask them to order for you.   You will not be disappointed at what HSP can offer to you.

Many of Their RC Cars Are Hobby Graded

Also, all the RC cars made by HSP are hobby graded.  In my view, hobby graded RC cars are that you can easily find option parts for your RC car.  That is why people like to play hobby graded RC cars; if you break a component, you can replace or upgrade it.  Their option parts are plentiful in many online shopping sites.  I have been purchasing all my RC cars on and

For a brushed RC car, you can upgrade it with a brushless motor and ESC.  By doing so, you can increase your RC car’s speed up to 100 KMH.  Also, out of the box, these RC cars usually come with a plastic suspension and steering system.  To improve them, you can use shock absorbers or steering system made of aluminum material.  Thus, your RC car can keep on running even after a crash.

However, as you are doing an upgrade of your RC jeep, you might get some of the screws stripped.  Still, you can replace all the screws with stainless ones.  Finally, you might want to spend around $50 USD to get a Chinese waterproof brushless ESC.  Click here to check out the waterproof ESC.

At this point, you should be aware that these parts are usually at prices much lower than the prices of items from some famous brands such as Tamiya, Team Associated, Kyosho, and Axial.  As a result, you can get the excitement without breaking the bank.

At this point, let us do a little investigation on what the HSP (RGT) RC cars can offer.

HSP 94880, a 1/8 RC crawler

If you are looking for a very capable RC rock crawler, you should take a look at HSP 94880.

  • A mix of steady speed and giant monster tires gives this HSP RC car a perfect look and feel of a powerful crawler. Its four giant wheels climb pretty well as it has high ground clearance. It looks so big and powerful. It certainly can win in a race. This exciting crawler with oversized tires goes through rocky and messy surfaces of land.  When we compare it with the other radio-controlled (RC) racing trucks, this crawler is super fashionable and steady one
  • It is powered by dual motors, one in the front and another in the back with high-quality gears. However, one thing I do not like about this truck is that it does not have a protective cover for the gear system. On the other hand, some hobbyists think it is acceptable even without the cover as the gear system is placed high in the chassis so it is unlikely any small rock will damage the system
  • This truck has a 4 wheel steering option that increases its climbing ability. In addition to the speed reached by this car, I would say that it is super resistant to any big accidents as its chassis is made of aluminum, so even it rolls over, it should stand this kind of abuse.
  • For its price, it should be one of the best HSP RC crawlers. It also has all the required electronic components such as a brushed motor, a servo, an ESC and a receiver.
    Click here to check the price for HSP 94880 online.

Upgrade this superb durable giant RC rock crawling monster

I think that if you really want to upgrade this RC crawler, you can put a brushless motor in this truck with a low KV rating.  A LIPO with 3000 MAH can run the truck for at least 30 minutes.

The Hammer, a reasonably priced off-road truck

This is a new high-quality RC rock racer you do not want to miss. This is produced by RGT, a subsidiary of HSPracing Company.  For its price, it’s a nice all in one RC off-roader. This off-roader can give you so much fun on the roads; it will seriously catch your attention with its off-road performance. This RC car is one of the many you must get.  It is a powerful 4wd RC rock racer; in fact, it can climb a deep hill very easily.

Watch a YouTube video to find out how powerful this truck is.

This racer is durable

The Hammer is very durable as its body frames, suspension and steering links are all made of aluminum material. Having this kind of equipment right out the box is not common; even the Axial’s RC jeeps do not have these. We usually have to buy aluminum option parts to upgrade our Axial’s crawlers.

This rock racer is powerful

The Hammer has a 540 motor preinstalled.  You can ensure that you will have enough space in the car for a brushless system.  When you get a new motor, you need to know that the motor shaft diameter is 3.175mm for a 540 Brushed/brushless motor.

A waterproof 9KG servo and Hobbywing wp1040 ESC are also preinstalled. Surely, you can also use your LIPO battery to empower this modern RC off-road racer. We can ensure that this racer can withstand the abuse in the rocky roads given the materials used to construct this car. In fact, its ESC is LIPO ready with a Dean connector.

Giant tires enhance its look

The Hammer uses professional 1:10 climbing tires; it is purposely designed for crawling. These tires are soft, so they have a very good grip, and not easy to slip. These tires are also big as its diameter is 135mm, and its width is 52mm. With this giant appearance, it looks really like a beast in the wild.

Is it a good RC rock racer?

Is Hammer the next RC rock racer you should purchase? I did a little research on this car by reading some of its consumers’ comments lefts after their purchase. For example, in Amazon and Taobao, some consumers are questioning the dependability of this RC car. Its spur gear is not protected by a protective cover so when the roads are sandy, the gear might be damaged. One seller in Taobao told me that any RC car selling at a lower price will not have that spur protective cover. It is clear that you get what you pay for. Furthermore, one of its consumers complains that its screws are not durable and can get stripped easily. Then, when you are upgrading your car, you must pay extra attention to the screws. Replacing the original screws with better ones should be a good option.


In my opinion, HSP RC cars are good to have if you don’t mind doing some upgrades on them. Anyway, you can get them for less than the price charged for an Axial’s crawlers.

After reading this post, I hope you have obtained more information about these RC rock racers, and can make a wise decision for your next purchase.  You can share your RC knowledge in my RC forum.

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By Carlos A. Santos, the webmaster.


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