Am I Too Old to Play With RC Cars? Your Answer Is Here!

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Hey there, welcome to our site, how are you doing? Today we will talk about an interesting topic – Am I Too Old To Play With RC Cars?

My name is Carlos, the webmaster of this RC blog you are currently reading.  I am 53 years old with nearsightedness and farsightedness.  However, I am still playing with my RC cars as I have not been able to resist the excitement and educational opportunity brought from this hobby.  At the same, I can develop my mechanical skills – improving an RC car performance by replacing with optional parts.  I believe this RC hobby has brought me more goods than harm so far.  Well, let’s continue to read down to find out more about this hobby.

We all have played with those Rocking and dashing Radio controlled cars in our childhood which was so much fun.  Remember those days where we used to race with those Radio Controlled cars as if they were real! We do many kinds of stunts with them like jumping over the ramp etc.

Am I Too Old To Play With RC?

RC cars are so much fun to play and to take care of. They come in many different varieties, sizes, and shapes also.  There are two types of radio controlled cars available. They are toy-grade RC cars and hobby-grade RC cars. we will talk about those later in this post.

As time passes most of the people stops playing with RC cars because we think that it’s a toy which is meant to be only played by children. However, that’s not 100% true because there is no age limit to do the things you want to do.
There are many people who are adult but still loves to play with RC cars for they love them, to have fun!
So let’s make clear the confusing question which arises in everybody’s mind that is “Am I too old to play With RC Cars?”

First, let’s understand what RC Cars Really are?

What are RC Cars?

We all have played with toy cars in our childhood. Those toys are hand operated to move back and forward.  On the other hand, RC cars are much more powerful than those old styled cars, because it comes with an electric motor (brushed or brushless) to produce power to run in the directions controlled by the driver.  The user uses a remote transmitter to send radio signals to the receiver installed in an RC car.  when the motor is powered by a battery it generates torque that enables the RC cars to run at high speeds either on flat surfaces or rocky roads.

Now you have understood what an RC car actually is? Then let’s move on and have a look at RC car brands worldwide.

Top RC Car Brands Worldwide

Some of the Most popular RC car brands are listed as follows which you can buy for professional racing or simple bashing enjoyment.

  • Team Associated
  • Traxxas
  • Losi
  • Duratrax
  • HPI
  • Axial
  • Tamiya
  • Kyosho

The RC cars produced by the above companies are usually very expensive and requires someone with a good mechanical aptitude to maintain it.

On the other hand, you can consider buying RC cars from Chinese manufacturers.  Many of them are ready to run and include everything to get your start.  Also, their prices are usually lower than the more popular brands mentioned above.

    • LC Racing – its another name is Tacon (recommended)
    • HSP/RGT (Producing many quality RC in different sizes)
    • Wltoys (Good for Low prices seekers)
    • ZD racing (Producing many 1/8 RC off-road beasts in the market)
    • HBX (Appropriate for children)
    • DHK (producing many 1/8 trucks and buggies)

Let’s Answer The Main Question For This Post.

The simple answer to the above question is that there is no age limit for playing with toys; it completely depends on whether you enjoy it or not.

If you want to play with them then do so until you leave the earth!  There is no legal age for playing with toys especially for RC cars!  Many toys are very complex and hard to understand; it requires a teenager or an adult to handle.  Those type of toys are perfectly suited for grown-ups, And RC cars are one of them.

There are many different types of RC cars available in the market, and their prices are from under $50 to Thousands! It doesn’t matter how old you are if RC cars help you to take a break from your busy life; it can relax or stimulate your mind or encourage you to be creative then don’t hesitate! Then why are you stopping yourself from playing with RC cars?

Let’s gather some more interesting information about Radio Controlled cars

Toy-Grade RC Cars Vs Hobby-Grade RC Cars!

The RC cars industry is growing very fast because of the increasing number of people who have selected RC cars as a hobby!  There are so many people out there who like to play and race with RC cars just for fun and professionally.
The choice is always up to you whether you want to take RC cars as a hobby or just only for fun.

Toy-Grade RC Cars

The first one is toy grade RC cars which are not very expensive and easily available in the market. These cars are only made to full-fill the basic requirements for a kid so he/she can play with it without any problems. Those toy graded RC cars usually can only run on flat ground and there is no part to replace any broken component.

Hobby Grade RC Cars

These kind of cars are quite expensive ones! many people buy them for their excellent performance. Some of them can have a speed of over 100 KPH.  They choose RC cars as their hobby for racing and participating in professional tournaments. These cars are custom made to run on either Gas or Battery for more acceleration power. They can be used on many terrains and places because of their durability and good quality. The production process and cost of spare parts of them is a bit higher than the toy-grade RC cars. That’s the main reason why these cars are known as hobby grade RC cars.  Many people develop their mechanical skills with hobby graded RC cars.  Thus, participating in this hobby is very beneficial and educational.


So this was my point of view about “Am I too old to play with RC cars?”, and let me tell you that it totally depends upon you. There is no age limit to play with toys you love and toys which makes you feel happy and stress-free in your life.

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Written by Sidharth Kushvah and Carlos Santos
Edited by Carlos Santos, your webmaster.


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