11 Gift Ideas for Beginner RC Car Hobbyists Without Breaking Your Bank ($100 or Less)

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11 gift ideas for beginner RC car hobbyists without breaking your bank ($100 or less)

Are you RC cars enthusiastic or know someone who is? Then sometimes you might be wondering what kind of things you should give them as a present on special occasions like birthdays, anniversary, etc right?

Not everyone has much knowledge about RC related products and knows which products theses hobbyists like. However, you should not worry because today we’ll go through “10 gift ideas for beginner RC car hobbyists without breaking your bank ($100)”.

In spite of going for other gifts, you should always buy something related to RC cars when you are going to gift it to an RC car hobbyist. He or she will be happier when they open the gift.

There are lots of different kinds of products which are available online!

12–Month Subscription for an RC cars Magazine

There are many interesting things to gift to an RC car-loving person, and a 12 months magazine subscription is one of them. These magazines will keep this hobbyist up to date about any news related to RC cars world. It can also provide useful tips regarding everything in one place!

This can be a better option for those hobbyists who enjoy reading and love to gain new knowledge and kills on RC racing. This gift can open the door for beginners who are planning to participate in RC racings professionally in the future.

There are many popular RC cars magazines in the market. Car Action has been around for more than 30 years. Click the image below to find out this famous RC magazine on Amazon.

A 1/24 RC Crawler

If you’re going to gift a whole package, then a 1/24 Micro Rock Crawler RTR would be a better option for you. Because it’s high quality and action-packed combo at an affordable price!

Micro Rock Crawlers are quite popular among beginners who decide to start RC rock crawling. There are many popular brands who provide value for money 1/24 RC crawlers.

This is a smaller version of ordinary RC crawlers along with a smaller battery and limited performance but the experience remains the same! It is best if you do not have a large empty space for running a big RC car. If you are creative enough, you can create a crawling track inside your house.

Click the image below to find out more about this capable 1/24 RC crawler on Amazon.

Simulated RC Racing Game

Who doesn’t like to play video games? Everyone does, right? Sometimes, these hobbyists just do not have any free time to run their RC cars. They might just want to race for 15 minutes and go to work again. In this case, playing a racing game can be the only option.

Click the image below to find out more information about this item on Amazon.

A Complete Toolset

RC cars require proper care and maintenance to keep them running and long lasting. Now you can’t possibly do it with any tools laying around you, right?

Every RC professional knows the importance of the right set of tools which makes the tuneup process much easier compared to getting it done with any ordinary tools.

If you plan to gift them a complete toolset especially for their RC cars then they’re going to love it for sure. Because it’s something which could be useful at this very moment when they need to fix their RC cars.

Click the image below to get more information about a free RC car simulation game on Amazon.

A Workstation

Whenever a hobbyist does any work, there should be a fixed place for maximum enjoyment. By having a proper place, he can find all the stuff taken from his RC car when he is fixing it. A proper workstation could be useful in this setting. It can be used to organize the spare parts properly, It becomes easier to find anything when he needs it urgently.

If you’re going to choose this option then make sure to take a close look at your friend’s (gift receiver’s) house because you’ll need to decide the size of a workstation according to the space available in the house so it can fit easily.

Click the image below to find out more information about an excellent RC car work stand on Amazon.

A Quality LIPO Battery/Charger

A quality LIPO battery/charger can also be a good option to gift because if they have an RC car but don’t have a high-quality LIPO battery or charger then I would suggest you to go with this option.

There are many high-quality LIPO batteries and chargers available in the market which doesn’t cost that much and could be the best gift for an RC car hobbyist.

They can use it as spare battery or charger when their own charger/batteries are dead they can easily replace them with the ones which you gave to them.

Click the images below to get more information about these items on Amazon.

An RC Car Bag

If your friend has lots of RC cars and usually travels with them, then A bag, especially for RC stuff, would be an excellent present for him.

These kinds of bags are easy to find online at an affordable price. They also come in different shapes and sizes.

If you are going to an RC racing track, you will understand that having a durable RC car bag is essential. You can get more information about this item on Amazon by clicking the image below.

RC Related Items Like Cap, Mug Or T-Shirt

Nowadays specially made t-shirts, caps and, other items are trendy in the market. These items are good gifts for someone who loves RC cars.

The reason I am suggesting these products is that you can find them easily in the market without breaking your bank.

There is a custom service also where you can get any type of prints/designing/photo on them. If you want to print your friend’s favorite RC cars picture on the t-shirt then you can tell them to do so.

I am sure they will be amazed to receive A t-shirt, cap or mug specially made for them.

Click the image to find out more these items on Amazon.

Items For Building A Simple Track

If your friend loves to do RC racing then nothing is better then having his own race track in his backyard or garage at home.

It is almost impossible to gift the whole racing track. Instead, you can buy a simple kit or necessary pieces that are required to build a simple race track.

Track cones are really useful when getting into home RC races. Cones can be used to build for any formation that is challenging even for expert drivers. Click the image to get the Clones on Amazon.

Hiring A Student Photographer For Taking Fun Action Pictures

We should collect moments not things right? The best way to do it is to take pictures of precious moments with your family/friends.

If you hang out with your friend usually then hiring a student photographer to take some action images would be a better choice.

Take your RC cars along with you and have fun with your friends while the photographer collects those precious moments in his/her camera and you’ll gift them to your friend to keep your memories alive with him.

You can easily find a student photographer and pay a minimum 50$ to 100$ for an hour of his/her work. If you can take pictures, getting a good camera on Amazon can be another good option. To present the gift, you can put all the pictures in an album.

Amazon Gift Certificate

After considering all these items, and you still do not know what to buy for a gift, you can buy a gift certificate from Amazon.com. Amazon is the best online store in America, and many parts of the world. Giving your friend a gift certificate can save yourself a lot of time, and your friend will be still happy as he can buy anything he wishes. After all, your friend should be the only one who knows what he wants.


If you are going to give a present to someone who is really into the RC world then I would suggest you take a look at our recommendations above which are hand-picked by us.

Remember to always gift something which can be useful to the person who is receiving it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s small or huge it’s the feelings you possess towards anyone and that’s the most important thing.

If you found this post useful then do me a small favor and take some time to share it with your friends and loved ones!

Also, Don’t forget to comment down any other gift ideas you have for RC cars enthusiasts in the comments section below.


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