RC Car Tips

What are RC toy cars?

RC toy cars for kids

There are basically two types of RC cars.  One is for little kids.  They are simply designed model cars at a price usually around $30.  These types of RC toy cars might not have proportional steering; in order words, you cannot control the car precisely as you make a turn in a corner, so you might find them hard to control.  Also, for this type of RC toy car, you usually will have a hard time fixing them once they are broken.  They do not have replaceable components sold in the market. Also, as they are designed for little kids, their speed is slow (5 – 10 KM/H at the highest).

RC cars for hobbyists

On the other hand, there is a type of RC car that is designed for the more mature hobbyists.  They usually can run at a speed of around 40 KM/H and up to 60 – 70 KM/H without any modifications.  With extreme upgrades, they can reach 100 KM/H.   These hobbyists love to improve their cars by upgrading their performance (use a brushless instead of a brushed motor).  They also would get together to race on a weekend.  These RC cars usually are at a price of over $100 or $200, but they are worth getting. Here is a blog post about an RC car  (Wltoys 144001); there are plenty of option parts available in the market.

Which type of RC car is better

In the long run, to be more cost-effective, you should get an RC car that you can get replacement parts easily in the market.  By doing so, you can bash your RC car in any road condition without worrying too much that you will damage your RC car to the point you need to throw it away.

Next time when you buy an RC toy car, do yourself a favor by asking the seller if you can acquire replacement parts easily in the local market.

If you are interested in finding out more about RC cars, you can read my blog post here.  There is a blog post on RC car faqs.

Why should you play with an RC toy car?

Improving your problem-solving skills

If you want to improve your problem-solving skills, you should try RC cars as your hobby; while working on it,  you can improve the coordination of your hands, eyes, and mind.  For example, you might want to try your best to find the lowest solution for fixing a broken component.

Force you to do some exercise

As you are driving your RC car, you will be required to run around in an open field or stand on your feet for an extended period of time (at least 20 to 30 minutes).  Also, while you are driving your RC car at a high speed, your reaction time improves.  All of them are good exercises.  Thus, playing RC cars is much better than playing your mobile phone all the time.

Increase your competitiveness, or your creativity

Sure, if you are competitive in nature, you will race your RC car with other hobbyists during a weekend.   This experience is very fulfilling.  However, if you cannot find a racetrack near your home, but there is an open area nearby, you can bash your RC cars; it can still bring you some excitement as you can test the limit of your car.  Jumping your RC car is fun.  You might also want to create your own racetrack with friends with simple equipment.  There is a blog post about the differences between car bashing and car racing.  You might want to read it.

Exchange RC toy car ideas

In this blog, I am trying my best to provide some RC car tips.  My purpose is not to show off my knowledge about RC cars.   I will never say my tips are good.  Instead, I just want to exchange RC car ideas here.  That is why I set up a forum in my blog so that we can discuss what we know.  Hope you can join the fun.

  • Steps to clean a dirty RC toy car,
  • Ways to make an RC car run straight – making it more controllable,
  • Way to charge a battery properly,
  • Steps to paint an RC car body,
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  • How to upgrade and improve your RC toy car’s performance,
  • Ways to acquire a used RC toy car – or not to buy one,
  • How to have fun with an RC motorbike,
  • and many others.


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